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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Girl Code

Here's a cool project for the weekend. Let's write out the Girl Code on Venus in black and white. Most of us know the rules of the Sisterhood, they've somehow been implanted in us since birth (even though some break/bend the rules) we know them. For some reason, guys find it hard to understand all the rules of the Sisterhood.
  1. As a member of the Sisterhood, you must love yourself, know yourself and be yourself.
  2. You should always love the sisterhood.
  3. Chicks before dicks. Every single time (my personal favorite).
  4. You must always protect your sisterhood and yourself from bad situations like date rape, the Undesirables and Heartbreakers.
  5. Keep secrets a SECRET! Never spill your sister's secrets even if you two have a fight or stop being friends. Secrets of the sisterhood are kept to the grave.
  6. Listen to your Sixth Sense. Let your woman's intuition be your guide, it won't lead you astray.
  7. Honor the Code. Do not sleep with/mess around with your sister's man/ex/booty call/baby daddy etc.
  8. When you do get a man, even if he is the best thing since Wonderbread, do not ditch your sisterhood for the guy. Keep your life.
  9. After your sister has been dumped, treatment includes but is not limited to chocolate, ice-cream, girls night in, chick flicks, girls night out, ceremonial torching (remember, safety first), therapeutic shopping spree and a coming out party. After the mourning period and when the time is right, encourage her to get an Upgrade.
  10. Anything you learn about sex has to be shared with the Sisterhood. This includes great tips on blowjobs, afterplay, sexual encounters as well as kissing tips. Don't hold all those juicy moves to yourself, share and share alike!
  11. Dissuade your sister from cheapening herself. Steer her away from destructive dating habits like becoming a psycho stalker, a crazy ass bitch, sex with the ex, being a rebound girl, the other woman or joining a harem.
  12. If your sister's man is cheating, please tell her. Don't let her find out months later when you could have spared her all those months of heartache and pain.
  13. If your sister tells you that your man is cheating, try to believe her. She usually wants what is best for you and isn't trying to make you unhappy. Listen to what she has to say and open your eyes! Don't take your anger out on her accusing her of being jealous of your relationship or casting aspersions on your friendship. Chances are...she's most probably right, you just have to open your eyes and see the red flags waving in the wind. Refer to rule #3.
  14. Assist your sister in times of distress. This includes but is not limited to emotional phone calls, breakups, shopping needs, when she's drunk, stranded or in some kind of relationship hell.
  15. Tell her when an outfit makes her look bad/fat/whatever and definitely tell her if her makeup is smeared or needs fixing. I HATE to look in the mirror and see smeared eyeliner knowing I've been with the chicks and NO ONE told me. ~ Overactive Imagination.
  16. If a sister is doing something incorrectly, like mispronouncing a word, or using a word improperly tell her. I work with someone who said the following in a meeting, "I want to share an antidote." An antidote? Why? Was I bitten by a snake? No one told her so my friend told her. It was making her look stupid, which she is not. I thought it was a classy move. ~Whoami
  17. Tell a sister the truth...if she looks like shit, her clothers too baggy or her makeup is running she needs to know. Can't let a sister walk around looking awful all night. Just ain't right!~ girlgoyle
  18. Always have your sister's back 24/7. If a sister is nervous about going on a date, plan ahead. Agree that you will call her an hour into the date and make up some excuse to get her out of there if she is uncomfortable. (Even if it means you are hypothetically stuck in Nowheresville because your car broke down, because the there was a spider in the car, because you tried to stomp on the spider with your shoe, because your arm is on fire [hey, it could happen]...either way, you are a friend in an emergency.) ~ Lemondrop
  19. I also think that sisters should support each other. If a sister wants to be a cheerleader and not a marine biologist and she is happy then support her! Even if you don't like cheerleaders. If she's happy who are we, as her sisters, to not support her because cheerleading is, well..stupid. ~ Whoami
  20. Even if you don't know your sister, don't assume the worst. Celebrate the fact that you're sisters and in this together. That being said, don't hate on her outfit, give her a mean look, steal a glance at her boyfriend/husband/date, and don't talk about her behind her back. All too often, we're so mean to one another, unprovoked. Play nice!~ Andrea
Ok, you guys get the drift...did I leave any out?


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