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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Being You

As women, we have the power and the ability to change our attitudes and habits based on certain scenarios. We are more adaptable and flexible in our lifestyle--however this flexibility is often taken advantage of and thought to be seen as weak.

The thing about it is that, in the guise of holding on to a guy that you like, you might actually give away bits and pieces of yourself, the elements that make you YOU. And that is where the problem comes in. See, it's easy enough to give in to a small matter/habit, but the constant erosion and compromise turns you into someone else. You become the woman that He wants you to be, his idea of the perfect woman, and you become less and less of you.

The right guy for you is going to love you just the way you are; regardless of the foibles, habits, passions and attitudes you might have. He's not going to want to change you because there is something about you that makes him just want to be around you.

You will feel free to express yourself in every single facet and will not have to hold anything back. You can be an emotional wreck at times, and still he loves you. You can be a ranting hoyden, and he still doesn't flee. You can tell him your deepest, darkest secret and express the full depths of your vulnerability and he doesn't take advantage of that or throw it back in your face.

You won't have to change for the guy who's right for you. Just be yourself. You are perfect just the way you are.


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