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Saturday, June 30, 2007

On Being a Good Girl

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who has been known, since the college years as the good girl of our bunch. I haven't spoken to her in a while and was actually surprised that she had still kept her good girl image practically pristine since graduation. (We all know what happened to my good girl image...;)

She stated that even though she was a good girl in actions, she grew to resent the fact that everyone expected her to be good all the time. She somehow got caught up in this quandary of being the responsible staid nice girl. The kind of girl you would take home to your mama. To quote her directly;
However, I know that for a good part of my life, it was just a facade. I wasn't truly "good" in the sense of the word - I was scared. Scared to defy my family, community, and society. I was just talking to one of my friends about this - we did everything that was expected and kept our "reputations" (almost!) intact as expected. Did the majority of things right and by the book. Thing is - I enjoyed the accolades and resented them at the same time. Felt like I had to live up to a certain standard that was forced upon me. Obviously, I chose to take it on, but that's how I felt.
And now she found herself stuck in a pigeon hole as the nice girl. So the question here is how does a good girl break out of that shell?

My advice wouldn't do her good in this instance, because I actually blew out of the hole with both barrels of my gun blazing. Vixen appeared out of nowhere and what everyone thought was a 'phase' actually morphed into simply the true me. My family is still surprised at my full about face even though it's been years since I considered myself good.

So, is there any advice you have for my friend? I know there are tons of you good girls turned bad and lovin' it so there has got to be a way to ease her, her family and friends into this new phase.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Giving the Perfect Gift to Your Man

So based on yesterday's post, it seems like everyone has been stuck in a similar dilemma one time or another. When it comes to presents, especially in a new relationship, what is the best type of gift to give? It's a catch 22, if you go all out, he might think you are trying to buy his affections. However if you go on the lighter tip, he might think he's not that significant in your life. In addition, you might not have had enough interaction with him to know what he really likes, so it's easy to mess up. Here are a few ideas to lean you towards the right direction.
  1. Dinner Date: Turn the tables and take him out to dinner. Pick a new, trendy restaurant that neither of you have been to and create some new memories. Don't forget to pick up the tab at the end of the meal---remember, you're taking him out.
  2. Show Tickets: One of my friends uses this all the time. There are a plethora of shows out there; baseball games, concerts, comedy clubs, jazz clubs, conventions etc. and you are sure to find one that he'll have fun with or even like. Get the tickets ahead of time and spring them on him as the perfect gift.
  3. Books, Games & Music: If he's a reader, you might find something at B&N up his alley. Conversely with music, a new CD by an artist he likes, or even an old vintage record of one of his favorite artists of the past. Best Buy has really nice collections of DVDs, you can get him the whole boxed set of Bruce Lee or Star Wars etc. For the gamer, there is always a new game around the corner.
  4. Electronics: My aunt once told me, "A man is to gadgets like a woman is to shoes." So of course, finding the perfect gadget would be the perfect gift. You could get an all in one remote control, a camera, the electronic dog or a gaming system.
  5. Cologne: For under a hundred dollars, you can find and wrap his favorite scent or discover a new one he'll like.
  6. Lingerie: When in doubt, go risque. This would be an opportune moment to slip into a daring, scandalous little bit of silk, leather or lace and fulfill his wildest fantasy. Be sure to follow through with some new and freaky moves in the boudoir. It it's his birthday after all.
  7. Heart Gifts: All the schmoopy stuff would fall under this category. Feel free to make a scrapbook of your relationship thus far, a collage of pictures, a box full of love notes, sex coupons etc.
Things to stay away from:
Hmmm, for some reason, I had a lot more on my mind. However, I'm sure that you lovely ladies will finish up both lists. Please add your thoughts and I'll amend.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Seat Tuesday

I was on the phone today with my old college bud and she was at the mall desperately trying to find the perfect gift for her beau on his birthday. Her birthday fell just 3 days before his and he went all out, hooking her up to a lovely flat screen TV, a camera and a card that 'made her cry'. It's the 6 month point of their relationship, she gave him his fav cologne for Christmas and she only had $150 to find something great. He has a job with a tech he pretty much has every electronic in the book. He's not really the schmoopy type, so she can't go mushy sweet, (besides, she's done that already.) So pretty much he's hard to get a gift for.

I know the best gift is a gift from the heart, but after celebrating years of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays together, I can see how people spaz out when thinking of what to get. At that point I ran out of ideas, so I'm leaving it up to you guys any suggestions?

Have you ever gotten a present from a loved one that was so well thought out, simply perfect from you and totally made you melt?

Oh goodness...I need to get cracking on something for the Fiance! His birthday is around the corner...yikes!


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Saturday, June 23, 2007

On Spending Time with His Ex

I got a question today that elicited a "Oh Hell Fucking No!" response. What does a Bad Girl do when your boyfriend wants to spend time with his ex-girlfriend?

I'm not from the school of thought that supports fraternizing with an ex. An ex is an ex for a reason---you two broke up. Sure, you can be amicable and grown about it, even acting mature when you do interact socially, but going out of your way to hang out with that person? That just smells plain fishy to me. I know that several people will claim that somehow they make it work, but I think that you can't go backwards once you've had an intimate relationship with someone. One of you will always want more---and one if you is probably still holding out that you'll still get back together (my bet it's that it's the chick.)

Being 'friends' with an ex is one thing...spending time with said ex, that's a whole 'nother game. See when you spend time with someone, you share experiences, and with shared experiences you do get closer. So if the whole premise of you two breaking up was cause you couldn't get along, then why are you still hanging out?

Sista girl, tell your man that him hanging out with his ex in any shape, form or fashion is unacceptable to you. He's going to fire back, "But we are just friends," then you fire back, "Not anymore." It's not something that is negotiable, if he wants to be friends with his ex, then he can't have you in his life. The boundary has to be very clear that you aren't putting up with the bullshit.

For the fact that he's even bringing this up to you should be a red flag. A man that is the right man for you wouldn't have his ex in his life. He wouldn't be talking to her, hanging out with her or fraternizing with her. Period. Don't accept scraps...claim your man 100% YOURS. If he's giving you scraps, then once again, he's not the one.

Good Luck.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When He Pulls the Disappearing Act

Definition: A disappearing act occurs when you've been dating or talking to someone for while and all of a sudden, he/she stops returning your calls, doesn't reply your messages, is unreachable, and pretty much drops off the face of the earth.

I know from personal experience that getting the disappearing act pulled on you is upsetting and quite irritating. Depending on how emotionally invested you've gotten at this point, it might actually be a blow to your self esteem. It's bad enough getting dumped...but then getting dumped with no reason given? Yeck!

Some women spend several weeks and months still trying to find the guy, doing everything from stalking his frequent haunts to hiring private investigators to find out what happened to him. I remember in my youthful naivete, I once called a guy at our usual talk time every day for a week before I finally got the message. We even make up excuses for him in our head of why he's not calling back. I've heard of all kinds of excuses, from he's really busy all of a sudden with work, to he went out of town, he lost his cell phone etc. etc. All of these baby girl, are just plain excuses, you should be listening to the real message by his action.

The message, as much as it sucks is plain and simple...he's not interested in you. A guy that is interested in you will make the effort to see you and talk to you, if he lost your number he will move heaven and earth to find you. If he went out of town, he would email you to let you know this. If he is going through something, he would be courteous enough to tell you this so you can understand. A guy that just pulls a disappearing act is no longer interested, and he is too chicken to let you know why. Most of these guys apparently don't want to have to deal with the questions and histrionics that a decent break up would lead to, so they just cut out and move on; no fuss, no muss.

Hanging around waiting for him to re-appear is pretty much a waste of time. Your best bet would be to chalk it up as his loss, get your flirt on and move on to a guy that is more appreciative of your presence in his life.

Sure, he might reappear somewhere down the road, but if he does, know that it's not because he's all of a sudden really interested in you but it's because you've become his fall back girl, the chick he calls when he has nothing else to do/fuck or talk to. And you are so much better than a back up babe.

So, the question was, how long do you wait after a guy pulls a disappearing act to move on? Right then and there. The moment you realize that it's been a week and still no response or message from him is the moment you cut your losses and get back into the pool.

Ladies, how long has it taken your (or a friend) to realize that he pulled the disappearing act?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's Your Rating?

I saw this on Teri's blog and couldn't resist trying it out. So...for today's Hot Seat question, what is your blog rated?

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • sex (5x)
  • bitch (3x)
  • fuck (2x)
  • piss (1x) blog is more hardcore than yours! Nananabooboo;)

Try your's out here.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dealing with a Joy Stealer

Definition: A joy stealer is a person that derives pleasure and entertainment from making other people miserable. Known in sexual circles as a masochist, a joy stealer is only content when they are embroiled in a battle of wills, wits, emotions, hissy fits, screaming matches, bullying, fighting and making other people miserable.

I really don't know the etiology of a joy stealer, but she is also known under other broader terms of drama queen, hater, sociopath and psycho bitch. I haven't really had that much experience with male JS's so I'll just pretend for the sake of this post that they don't exist.

A JS is the heifer that when you tell her about your new promotion immediately launches into the downfalls of taking the position. You tell her about your fabulous new guy and she reminds you that you date losers so therefore by virtue of dating you he's automatically a loser. It irritates her to see anyone happier or more successful than she is and the only way to bring the world in her estimation back to normal is to pull you down.

You might be blissfully happy but the moment you enter her presence it's all doom and gloom like the world is coming to an end. She's a master manipulator and quite adept at pushing your buttons. Your feelings are constantly in an upheaval in her presence, raging from one extreme emotion to the next like a swinging pendulum. A JS feeds off the misery and sadness of others like a vampire, taking satisfaction in seeing you fly into a rage, emotional outburst or tears.

My mom always said, (and I'm sure many of you have heard this), "Don't let the devil steal your joy." So how do you handle a Joy Stealer?

The same way that you handle a Drama Queen or Attention Whore. Don't engage her. As Chrys would say, maintaining an icy cool exterior even when you are seething on the inside will serve to confuse and intimidate her. She won't be able to figure you out, what your motives are or how to deal with you. This pretty much nullifies the attraction to attacking you and she'll move on to other prey.

I know that the visceral reaction is to either wanna bitch slap her, drag her by the hair and unto the street for a bonafide cat-fight or kick the living daylights out of her, push her off a cliff, into oncoming traffic, run her over...etc. etc. but bear in mind that any reaction is really what she's looking for. So responding even in a minute way is just the ammunition she needs.

In my estimate, having a joy stealer in your life is like begging to get the happiness and joy sucked out of you. This is a toxic relationship in it's finest form and it's best for you to get out as fast as you can and run in the opposite direction.

Have you ever come across a Joy Stealer? How did you deal with her?


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Returning Gifts Post Breakup

Most people believe that once a gift is given, regardless of what it is, it remains property of the receiver. However for some petty reason post breakup, a good portion of couples want to divide assets as if they were squabbling over divorce property. One of my good college friends would never, ever give a gift back post breakup. She'd rather keep it and have a burning party of her own a la Waiting to Exhale, keep it because she likes it, or sell it on Ebay for some cold hard cash. Her theory was that he gave it to her and possession is 9/10ths of the law and what's he going to do with used items anyway?

Where does the line fall a reader asked me via email last night? Here's what I think should be returned and what should be kept.
  1. The Engagement/Wedding Rings: This goes back. I've watched enough episodes of Judge Judy to know that the ring automatically defaults to the giver...unless you paid for it---in which case, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BUY YOUR OWN ENGAGEMENT RING?
  2. Electronics: This falls into the gray zone apparently. If it's purchased by the both of you, then one person should buy the other out. However, if you want to be a bitch, keep the 64 inch flat screen plasma and stick him with the Best Buy bill. (Seriously---don't do this, he could take you to court for it!) Smaller items like cameras, cell phones, Ipods etc. you keep.
  3. Lingerie: Ummm, you keep this. What you choose to do with it is up to you.
  4. Heirlooms: This has to be returned. If it's his grandmother's pillow, mothers jewelry or father's watch...anything that belongs to a member of his family gets returned.
  5. Clothes: When the Boyfriend and I moved in together, he had this really cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger pajamas with hearts all over them. He was sorting his clothes and asked me whether to throw it into the donation pile or not. Apparently, one of his exes had given it to him the Valentine's day before he met me. You could tell from his eyes that he was actually nervous with what my reaction would be. "You should keep them," I said. "Really??" he replied, so surprised by my words. "Oh yes, they fit me perfectly," I stated as I slipped into them and forever claimed those Pjs. They are still my favorite pajamas. Thanks ex-chick! Oh yeah, so the point of this was to say---that clothes, I guess you can keep so your new chick can rock
Okay, that's all I can think of right now. If anyone has anything else to add, leave a comment. And to everyone that is going to read the Erotica novella...I'm still working on it but it should be done in a few days. Thanks!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need Some Help...

A friend of mine recently sent me information about a well known erotica publishing house that is looking for new writers. I've been working on my first draft of a story that I had sitting in my brain and then sitting on my computer for a while. However now that I have some direction as in what the publisher wants, I have a better idea where the story is going.

Now here is where you guys come in. I need volunteers who will read the final draft and give me some feedback before I submit. It's supposed to be a story that will appeal to a wide genre of women who like erotica...and I figure you guys are my best bet. Please don't be nice at all...if you think it's shit, please say so. If you feel like it's not hot enough, or it's too crass, let me know. it's only 15,000 words, nothing big...just a short story.

If you are interested in seeing a draft, please email me. Thanks!


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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot Seat Tuesday

I'm going through a shit-load of emotions right now so I'll keep this short and simple. For today's question, how do you deal with your emotions? Here's my short list and I hope you'll compile one too.

Happy ~ Cook or write. Either way, something creative.
Sad ~ Escape to a book or movie. If it's really bad, then cry.
Angry ~ Shout it out or clam up...depends on which variation of anger.
Horny ~ Okay...that's easy. Fuck. Oh...or make love, depending on how horny;)
Comfort foods: Shortbread cookies, rice and any Nigerian food.

Your turn.


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Being in Relationships After Rape & Molestation

Okay, thank you Julie & Mistress for deciphering that. I was totally off base.

How does a girl get over molestation in her life to move on with her new man and to learn more in the bedroom with him, learn to walk alone with out being afraid?

This is one of those dark topics that are really difficult to handle. There isn't a rule or yardstick for everyone, and it sounds like your girl has been through a really trying period. The rule of thumb after molestation is to find someone that you can talk to and work out your feelings with. The best confidant during this time is someone you don't know that well but trust professionally, like a therapist or social worker. The hospital/police station should have given your girl referrals. If not, the internet will provide a valuable asset in finding the closest rape counseling center to your location. They provide excellent resources and it's totally free.

Another suggestion is for her to take a self defense class. This will help empower her and give her control if she ever finds herself in a situation like that again. It also aids in eliminating her fear of walking alone.

With some women, it can take several months to several years to be able to emotionally handle a relationship after being raped---and don't know how long it's been for your girl, but if she's still having all these dark emotions; then suffice to say that she isn't ready yet. I don't understand why she would jump right into a relationship, she really needs to work on herself first.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the more you push your girl, the farther away she'll isolate herself from you. The more you try and convince her to sleep with you or expand her sexual repertoire, the more you have a chance of taking on the face of her attacker. It's not a logical substitution, but it has been known to occur regularly. Her anger becomes placed on you. This is why it isn't recommended to be in a relationship immediately after getting molested.

If you really truly love her, and I assume you do, you can help her by strongly assisting her to get into counseling. There she will be able to work through the complex emotions, achieve closure and get through the 'victim mentality'. It will be up to you to slow the pace of your relationship to something she can cope with, it might mean taking it all the way down to hugs and kisses, or even eliminating sexual contact altogether for the time being.

I once read a book of a guy that his girl had been molested. It was very hard for her to get physical period--because every time she felt his arousal she would have flashbacks and freak out. It took long months of gradual coaxing and trust for her to finally get intimate with him all the way. During that time he had to temp down his passion and take lots and lots of cold showers. They would kiss and make out but anything beyond that was debilitating to her. Eventually she started letting him go further and further each time they kissed, until they were finally able to consummate. He had to be gentle and non-threatening every moment, and let it be her decision and every step was her choice and under her control. Most men don't have the capability of sticking around that long, but he did, and the love they gained was well worth it in the end.

I hope this helps. Good luck and I hope your girl gets better and stronger emotionally.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


I got this question a couple of days ago.
I don't have a comment I have a duse a girl get over a malestashin in her live to move on with her new man and to lern more in the bed room with him, lern to walk a lone with out being a frade?

Okay, I'm thinking the question is how does a girl (presumably your girlfriend) get over her ex who's still in her life to move on in the bedroom with the new guy (you?), become a big ass freak in the bedroom and more independent?

If that's your question, you've come to the right place. Have her read the Bad Girls' Guide in it's entirety, mull over it, email me with questions and that should get her up to speed. I honestly refuse to pursue this question further since you were too clueless to even make yourself understandable.

Can anyone deduce what the question was? If any of you want to take a stab at answering his question go right ahead.


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Phone Etiquette for Dummies

I was cleaning out my hard drive and came across this article that I had written when Baggage Reclaim first got started, so I never published it on here. Since this week we seem to be on the topic of phone calls I figured it was applicable. It's in the snarky vein that most of you seem to enjoy....I'm not mentioning any names but you know who you are!

Calling a perfect stranger for the first time is quite difficult, and takes guts and finesse on both parts. Having been dating both online and in real life for several years now, I’ve realized some things that should enhance the situation and not make it worse. First of all, bear in mind that I gave you my number, which means there must be something that I liked about you. However, you can still blow it just as easily if you don’t call with prudence. Before you pick up the phone to call me for the first time, before you dial the digits, you have to keep these tips in your mind. Failure to proceed with utmost caution and respect will never get you a date or future conversations. Consider the first discussion as an interview. It’s a first impression that can never be changed. And despite contrary opinions, first impressions do last forever.

1. Do not call me after 8pm. I don’t know how things are in your neck of the woods, but I’m a busy girl and have a life, usually plans around this time. If you have the audacity to interrupt these plans, you better have a damn good reason. Also bear in mind that calling before 10am is rude. You might be waking me up, and that would just annoy me as well.

2. If you do call, and I don’t answer, leave a brief message with your name and number. Do not keep calling me over and over again. No Bugaboos allowed. I didn’t answer the first time, so what makes you think that I’m going to suddenly pick up on the 3rd, 4th or 10th time you called? Caller ID was invented for a reason, and this sassy diva knows how to use it.

3. If you decide to call me back later on, give specific time and day that you will be calling back and honor that time. You have a 30 minute window, so if you say that you will call around 9 pm, which means that at 931, you late.

4. If I’m interested and decide to call you back or pick up when you call, after the first round of pleasantries, get straight to the point. Ask me out right then and there. That way, neither of us has to sit on the phone with sweaty palms and bated breath, and I can get back to my fantastically fun life. However, if the conversation proceeds, we can be more at ease having gotten the reason you are calling out of the way.

5. When you do ask me out, suggest drinks, coffee or a lunch. In a very public place with lots of people!!! Do not try to finagle a meeting at your place or mine. Remember, I don’t know you that well, or trust you at all, so don’t set yourself up for a flat-out no.

6. If I don’t want to date you, I will tell you that I’m not interested. I don’t want you to keep trying. I’m NOT playing hard to get, I’m just not that into you. Do not try to change my mind, cajole, beg or plead. This will only piss me off and land you in the category of a whiner. End the phone call politely and hang up. After all, not every job you interview for will land you a position. Don’t take it personal, you are just not my type.

7. If you do manage to keep me on the phone after we have confirmed date information, please do not talk about your mother, your ex, your baby mama or any sexual innuendos. The conversation should be a polite discourse of the things we have in common. If you need some topics, try movies, music and art. Stay away from politics, religion and past relationships unless asked. Even then, keep it brief and non-confrontational. Be yourself and don’t lie because my sixth sense will pick it up immediately. If I ask you a question that you can’t answer without breaking one of the commandments, lying or making yourself look bad; just reply that you would rather go into details about it. I will respect your right to privacy and expect you to do the same.

8. If you do happen to be a great conversationalist and we actually have good phone chemistry, don’t think you should sit back, relax and assume you’re in like Flynn – because you’re not! You are still on probation until notified otherwise, so don’t equate stimulating phone conversation with the fact that we will have a great date. Life isn’t perfect like that.

9. The standard first phone call should last no more than 10 minutes. Twenty if I like you and we hit it off, but that is a remote possibility. Do not try to turn this into a talking marathon; I do not want to connect with you on the phone for hours and hours. This just builds up unnecessary expectations that you will crush on the first date. Let’s not build castles in the sky, we haven’t even met yet, so don’t start naming our firstborn.

10. As soon as you see me trying to wind up the chat, surrender gracefully and we might talk again. Feel free to hint that you would love to spend time talking to me again and you may get your wish. However, do not try to keep me on the phone too long or you might get a message on your phone saying something came up. Don’t be too intense, it will scare me away.

All in all, follow these rules and you will be assured future discourse and consideration in your application process.

Are there any rules that you feel should be on this list? Are there any that you think aren't applicable? Leave your comment after the jump.


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hot Seat Tuesday

I need more blogs to read. For some reason I've lost a good cachet of my tried and true favorite bloggers so I need ones to replace them. I'm mostly into blogs that give good advice, relationship-y type blogs and of course, blogs that talk about sex. So if you know any good ones, drop me a comment.



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Monday, June 04, 2007

When She Doesn't Pick Up the Phone

I got a question from a reader yesterday telling me that he's found a woman that he feels is the one woman for him. The only problem is she isn't picking up the phone---so what's he gonna do?

Here's the deal, there are just a few reasons why a lady won't pick up or call you back in a reasonable time frame. (Reasonable is defined usually by 1-4 days depending on whether it's the weekend or work week.
  1. You came on too strong/creeped her out: You pushed for something deeper too soon and too fast, tried to get hella physical too soon before she was ready for it. So she's thinking that you are 'kinda desperate', 'weird', 'psycho' or any other appalling label by totally freaking her out. Unfortunately there is really no way to totally eradicate this idea from her mind, the more you keep calling her, the more you solidify this belief. Your best bet would be to slow it down...stop calling her and wait for her to call you back. I'm not saying sit waiting by the phone; but don't make hearing back from her your life's priority. If she doesn't---well then, she obviously wasn't the One.
  2. She doesn't like you/met someone else: Not every woman is good at following through, and some tend to pull the disappearing act even though they know it's not the right thing to do. You might feel a connection, but the other party doesn't and so she is going to ignore your calls until you stop calling. Yeah, she's being a coward but sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  3. She's playing games: Sometimes women wanna play the whole 'let him call me three times to every one I call him' in the guise that this will make you want them more. They are usually strong believers in the 'thrill of the chase' ideology. Whatever. I'm from the school of thought that if I want to talk to you...I'll call you right then and there. Waiting just to get you all anticipatory, is just being a tease.
  4. She's hella fuckin' busy!: If I'm going through a life crises, vacation, illness, family issues and what not, calling a guy I just met is going to be somewhere towards the bottom of the list. I'm not saying to give her an excuse, but sometimes, life does interfere in our dating time lines. In this case, I would give her a few days to contact you.
Either way, your best bet is to wait it out. You can't force someone to call you. She'll call you when she's ready. The more you call her, the greater chance you have of heading down option #1. Drop that phone mister! If you must, leave one last message in a couple of days with your number (in case she lost it) and tell her that this is your last call. Good luck!

Ladies, did I skip over any other reason?

Other reading:
When He Doesn't Return Your Phone Calls

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

3 Posts

Rosevibe tagged me for a meme and I figure today is a great day to do one. It’s about digging out some of my old posts that seem to be unpopular and hot-linking them to refresh and get a new perspective. (At least I think that's what it's about)

It was really hard to find an unpopular post let alone 3 but after some deliberation, here you go:
  1. The first one is the very first blog post I wrote on here. This was back in the days when my blog was still that ugly Pepto Bismol pink and after a lovely evening of talking with my girl pals, I sat down to write a little of what was on my mind that evening. I already had Mysterious Meander by then but realized that the Bad Girls Guide would be a whole 'nother cup of tea. Without further ado, here is the Introduction. I don't think anyone really read that post...well except my friends and fam of course!
  2. The next one is my post on Spooning. I know that so many of us enjoy spooning and I wrote it in my head during a morning spoon and typed it out later on that night. I'm a big fan of spooning and covered it from a fresh angle, I would like to think.
  3. Third but not the least this post is probably the most important. It was written after reading another horrific story about a date gone wrong. It really boggles my mind how so many women let down their guards so easily to someone they just met. I know that the Bad Girls are smart as hell, so please---stay safe. If anything, scream your lungs out, bite his cock, knee him in the nuts, pull hair, stab eyes---whatever you gotta do to get outta there.
I know that most of you are off the blogosphere this weekend and the other half don't even do tags unless I grovel, I'm throwing this to whoever feels like taking a stab at it. Let me know if you do so I can come read your 3 least popular posts.


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