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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Mourning Period

Definition: This is the few weeks post breakup when your Ex is barred from shacking up and dating a new woman. Theoretically, he's supposed to be mourning the loss of your relationship and eschewing other women.

Last night I was told an interesting dating tale. A certain gentleman, let's call him Danny, told me his dating history. It seems that of the last few years, every single woman that he had broken up with actually had problems letting him go. Some stalked him, some harassed the women he dated after the fact, some contacted his dates and told them sundry facts to try and break up his new relationships. His question to me was, "Why are all of you women crazy like that? Why can't you just let go?"

My response was simple. "Are you sure that you emphatically told each and every one of these ladies that the relationship was over? Well, uh, I told them that I was done with them. Or did you sugarcoat the BreakUp Speech and then try to look like the nice guy still accepting phone calls and such from them?Well, I had to talk to them to tell them to leave me alone. Did you slide directly into a new relationship without a significant 'mourning period' for the last one? Most of the time, I broke up with them because I met a new person.

And that my dear is your problem. You turned each and every one of these ladies into the Psycho Stalkers they became.

See, women need to feel special, even though you broke up with us. The Mourning Period is strictly that, you are mourning the loss of our presence and abstaining (at least in our eyes) from other liaisons because noone else can ever compare. It's a pride issue and one that alot of guys do not recognise.

All you have to do during the mourning period is hang out with your buds. Sure, you can have the occasional one-night stand and such, but if I see you immediately dating another woman post break-up, you are violating the mourning period.

Men who do not show the appropriate respect and mourning period often end up with exes that feel scorned and used. And what does a scorned woman do? She turns into a raving Psycho. Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Now my question to you ladies is, how long do you think the mourning period should be? I think it should be between 2-4 weeks, but that's just me.

Your thoughts?

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