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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sixth Sense

Definition: The sixth sense is your womanly intuition, the feeling you have in your gut that something isn't right. The foreshadowing, the dreams, the signs that point to things in your relationship that you don't see with your flawed vision.

First of all, to develop your womanly intuition, you have to trust yourself. Even though it may have let you down in the past (mainly because you didn't listen to the warning signs), your intuition was put there for a reason and is honed to notice the tiniest red flags that your love/lust/infatuated heart tend to miss.

Have you ever dated someone, and just known for some reason, that something wasn't quite right? Have you ever been in a relationship and just sensed that homeboy was stepping out and cheating on you? Have you ever listened to someone and just known that they were lying? Have you ever looked at a really sexy, handsome man, and just felt that he was gay? This is your sixth sense, a very important tool in analysis of your potential mate.

The thing about the sixth sense is that EVERY woman has one. The only problem is that we are either unwilling to listen or trust ourselves. You may think that yours is broken, or doesn't work right, but that isn't the problem. It works perfectly well, you are just too thickheaded and lustfilled to pay attention.

This is where your clique of girlfriends come in. If your friends sense something about him that is wrong, they are probably right. I'm not saying that you should listen to everything your friends tell you, and just cut potential mates out of running (because they hate him for causing you to totally ditch them). I'm just saying that you should pay attention to the whole picture. If something in the story isn't gelling, there is something you are missing.

Does he give you only his cell phone number or pager, never his home number, or gets mad when you call his house phone? You are probably the other woman.

Does he come over to your place often, but never takes you out anywhere in public? You're his booty call/guilty secret.

Does he stay late at work, every night, have sex with you less and less, stops eating at home? He's cheating on you with Miss Secretary.

Does he blow up and get mad at you for no particular reason, mainly because you ask him questions about what he's been up to? He's having guilty conscience for something.

Does he accuse you of flirting or cheating on him and say you don't love him enough? He's blowing smoke in your ass. Classic 'flip the script'. I know you know where this is headed.

Does he emotionally erode your sense of self worth, calling you fat, stupid, lazy on a regular basis? Potential for domestic violence.

Is he controlling you, dictating whom your friends are and when you should hang out with them, monitoring your phone calls etc.? Jealous boyfriend alert.

Does he spend hours at the gym ogling other men working out and has keen fashion and decorating sense. Does he know the difference between Fendi and Gucci bags and shoes? Gay.

Is there a significant change in your sex life...he doesn't want to have sex, he doesn't get turned on by you, he doesn't climax anymore etc. Hmmmm, this could go alot of ways...cheating, gay etc. Personally I have never ever met a guy who didn't want to have sex. No such breed, there is definitely something wrong.

Ok, so now you just have to listen to yourself. Pay attention. Follow your intuition. It was put there for a purpose and wouldn't steer you wrong. Consider it your compass and use religiously.

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