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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Honor 'The Code'

Definition: The Code is the unwritten rule that true girlfriends stand by at all times. You NEVER date/makeout with/kiss/have sex with your friend's man/crush/ex/boytoy/baby daddy.

A party is not a party if one of your best girls' isn't there hanging with you and making sure you get home ok. Now if you see a really cute guy flirting with you across the room, and you pointed him out to your girlfriends, and said gentleman comes your way and talks to both of have first dibs on him.

The same goes for if your girl tells you that she has a crush on a guy, and you happen to like him as well...then only one of you gets to play with said man. It should be who called it first, but you may have different rules in your clique. You do not date a guy that your friend has dated, even if they already broke up. The only exception is if your friend is ok with it; and that is rarely the case, she might say that she is cool, but she probably doesn't expect you to date him. And even though she may act like it's ok, inside she is hurt that you would betray her like that and 'sleep with the enemy'. I know, it's not logical, but we generally aren't logical creatures.

In the same vein, please, do not be the crafty 'friend' who tells her girl that you messed around with a crush of hers, in the hope that you will get her feelings for the guy to change and leave you home free to pursue aforementioned guy. That is low, mean and spiteful. Friends don't stab each other in the back. Even though you might plan on appearing on Jerry Springer.

Remember, there are always other fish in the sea. Never set a cap for your girl's man. NEVER!

A Baaaaad Girl realizes that men come and go but friends are forever.


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