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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Into a Guy's Mind: Meet Andy

Here's a comment left by an Anonymous male (we'll call Andy) on the joke post that simply demands attention. He's raised alot of valid points and I wanted to share it with you guys.
Speaking as a guy, I should mention that not ALL guys are as you describe.
Let me give you ladies some insight, if you will, into a guy's mind:
Guys compete with each other for women, as many times there are more guys then there are girls to be with.
Plus, we want the hot, sexy, fiesty, creative, FUN TO TALK TO, girl who can laugh at our stupid jokes yet still be a bit down to earth, who reminds us a bit of the best parts of other girls we knew, and who we can confide in without feeling guilty, and looks awesome, we want beautiful children who are self-confident and help offset some of our crappy genes.

Guys want a lot of things, we are as different from each other as women are, in a sense. Yes, guys want action but those of us who aren't horny teens, we want a bit more then that.

Do you want to know why most guys treat women like crap and act all outwardly-tough and such? Why they aren't the way you wish they were?
Guys want women, and most women go after the guys that act like that *points up*.

Got it?

I'm still single, and I have yet to find a girl who isn't going after guys like that, mr "pimps" and the wanna-be's. The "playa's" and guys that treat women like dirt, yet they still manage to find yet another stupid girl to date. Pretty yet stupid, they don't care as long as she's a good f-er. Use, abuse, and kick to the curb, and they are not lonely.

I'm tempted to become like the guys that do that, because I'm sick of being a nice guy and being alone. Most women DO NOT HAVE ANY CLUE WHAT THEY WANT from a guy. We're guys, spell it out a bit. Show us with your actions instead of whining and bitching about how guys are all animals.

It seems many young women today are cunning, sly, and manipulative. They know how to trick a guy to buy them everything, and guess what if you're a golddigger and expect a guy to pay for everything, you'll be the one kicked to the curb. This is the year 2006, NOT 1926. Women have independance and freedom, and we're more then happy to be gentleman and pay for stuff if you offer to pay for us once in a while, or help out in other ways. If we want a slut we'll pay for one, its a lot cheaper.

Flame, rant, whatever. Your actions determine your fate.
Ok Andy, even I have to agree with some of the points you raised. It's a proven fact over and over again that the jerks and assholes get more action/girls than nice guys. However, this still doesn't diminish the fact that there are alot of nice girls getting nice guys. The purpose of blogs like this is illumination and education, to show that it's okay to go for a great guy and stop messing with the jerks and Undesirables.

As for the diss on how guys want women that's been known. Same way that you should know that we want MEN and not little whiny boys. There are alot of great women out there, who know what they want, have their own lives, aren't gold diggers and don't take advantage of men. I can give you a list of ladies that I personally know who are single, fabulous and fiesty that you haven't even discovered yet. I don't think you have to be a jerk to get a great woman, you just have to stop looking in all the wrong places and with the wrong criteria. It's a shame that you've met a few sour apples, but so have we all--that doesn't mean that there aren't good people out there.

It's a hassle that we tend to go through alot of riff raff before we find a true gem, but that will only help us appreciate your true love better. Until then you just have to open your eyes, open your heart and keep looking. I think that you have a better chance than the average male of even finding the woman that you want/need because you KNOW what you are looking for. Good luck.

Your thoughts?

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