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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Psycho Stalker

Ok, even I know that I don't need to define this one. This seems the natural segue from our last discussion. Bear in mind, I never stated that there was any justification for Psycho Stalking....there isn't. But not observing the mourning period might be a reason.

Moving right along I'm sure that we have come across tales of the Psycho Stalker. It's the female/guy that doesn't want to let you go even though it's obvious that the two of you are over. She/he drives by your house to check on you, calls you, hacks into your email, follows you everywhere and pretty much is pretty much just a royal pain in the arse.

With the advent of technology, Psycho Stalkers have actually gotten more and more advanced in their torture stalking. It's like once you have had an open relationship with someone, there is no end to where and when the levels of Stalkeration. In my experience, guys are more apt to simply move on, wheras it's us females that tend to turn to stalker mode.

Now I would be remiss in this phase if I didn't reiterate what has been said so many times before. A Baaad Girl is not a psycho stalker. There is no way that she can even become such. Even though she might be going through heartbreak, there is no way her pride would even let her stoop to such lows. She picks up the pieces of her heart and MOVES ON. This is the key here and the distinction between the a stalker and a Bad Girl. A Stalker cannot move on as easily as we can.

Why is it easier for a Bad Girl to move on? Because we recognize that our next guy is going to be infinitely better than the last and that the Loser ex obviously didn't recognize our magnificence enough to deserve us. It's just that simple.

Your thoughts?


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