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Monday, March 20, 2006

Love the Sisterhood

Hi this is Vixen's sister, she is back in the hospital and bored out of mind, so she made me type this. I hope you guys enjoy it cause she tends to use all her big words and i don't even understand it.

Ok ladies, I have to tell it like it is. Although we know that there are a lot of crazy desperate women out there, I think that it's time to give ourselves a break.

We all have heard the skanky stories of women who just make us ashamed of our own race, we all have heard of women who put up with too much shit. We have heard of the women who took that no-good-cheat back or the woman who stole the cheat from you. And don't forget the woman who has no discriminatory taste when it comes to men, who have sex with everything that has a penis. We have heard of women who give up too much of her life for a man, we have also heard of women who can't function without a man in her life. Some of us may have even been there a time or two. Which is why I think we should also empathize with these women.

We should put ourselves in her 4-inch Nine West pumps, we should try seeing her life from the inside looking out instead of outside looking in. Let's not belittle, insult, criticizing or belaguer each other, let the abuse, scandalizing, villifying stop. Let's stop calling each other names; sluts, whores, and bitches; let's leave the name calling to those who have no class.

As Maya Angelou would say "We are phenomenal women.. Each and every one" We are unique strong and special and we all deserved to be loved. Afterall only a woman could put up with nine months of agonizing body changes, give life to the world and then later be able to say "hell yeah, I would do it again." Afterall only a woman could look through the prison bars and still love the man on the other side. Afterall only a women can put up with these trifling men and still believe in love.

We are all phenomenal women and should not degrade each other but lift each other up. Love the sisterhood.


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