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Monday, February 27, 2006

More About Orgasms

I came across a comment the other day that I didn't want to be overlooked. Remember last week's dialogue about Orgasmless Sex? Well, Tracy had this to say:
For me it's NOT about the closeness or the cuddling, nor is it about the O. There are a lot of extremely gratifying and exciting climaxes to be reached that are between those two extremes and they are just as earth shattering as orgasm. It's all about delaying gratification to that exact point where release is the only desire you have. It all comes with experience.
Oh boy! There is more to this sex thing than I have discovered? I definitely wanted to find out more of what she was talking about. So I emailed Tracy and asked her to explain further about her response.
It's really just about delaying each moment until it is it's own peak. I think most people spend some time making out, then they strip and pretty much immediately get to penetration of one sort or another. If you start by extending the time that you are in your clothes, making the removal part of the experience and then continue just kissing, fondling until you get to the point where the act of penetration acts as a release unto itself, like an orgasm, but a bit smaller. Still very gratifying. Then anything you do afterwards builds on that. I think that denial builds excitement, which adds to desire, which leads to that blissful feeling of release when you actually attain what you crave.
Being the guinea pig that I am, I simply had to try this delayed gratification thing this past weekend. I have used it to some extent on a minor level but usually never prolonged each moment until just entering the next stage became a mini-orgasm of it's own. There is something to be said for this. I suggest you ladies give it a try. Let's slow down a bit more...even more so than we normally do and savor every single minuscule moment.

Your thoughts?


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