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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sloppy Cheaters & Purgatory

Definition: A sloppy cheater is a cheat that gets caught. Usually due to some act on negligence or carelessness on his part. Most of the time, guys end up being sloppy cheaters...mainly because, well, we are smarter than they are;)

I'm not saying that women don't cheat...sure they do, it's just that we tend not to get caught as often as guys do.

There is a guy that I know through a mutual acquaintance who has been cheating constantly on his girlfriend for about 10 months out of their 11 month relationship. She is a beautiful, sexy, smart thing, not the type of girl that any guy in his right mind would cheat on. His defense? When she is not around (aka at work, on vacation) he gets lonely. And his solution is that he cheats on her.

She doesn't suspect a single thing. He covers his tracks so well. The women he sleeps with know that he has a girlfriend, but they have no way of contacting either him or her. He programs his booty calls under aliases in his phone like Bob's Mechanic Shop and such. He has never called any of his booty calls without blocking his number...has never slipped up once. He's slick, and so far he has never gotten caught.

Now, this brings to mind the question...if one guy can go through so much trouble to cover his nefarious actions...why do the other species of the gender manage to slip up on such a consistent basis? It's because they are lazy and sloppy.

They are sloppy because to some extent they want to be found out. Besides the thrill and exhiliration that accompanies cheating, the guys that get caught in some subconscious element, want to be caught. Why would that be? Could it be that he was already looking for a way out of the relationship but didn't have big enough cajones to break up with you...and so figured this would be an easy Out? we ladies often do, when she does find out, instead of kicking his ass to the curb like a proper Bad Girl should do, she decides to forgive and keep him. Just so you know guys, this is known as Cheater's Purgatory. Here you stay while she sends you on a constant guilt trip every time it suits her fancy, extracting her revenge by making your life a living hell from then on forth, blowing up your phone when not in her company and pretty much stressing you out big time.

So now he's even in a bigger mess than he was before, when all he needed to do BEFORE he cheated on her was to be straight up and honest about his true feelings. Men! When will they ever learn?

Eventually this dysfunctional relationship will implode and one of you will crack and finally call it quits after having endured lots of emotional pain and grief. Not a fine recipe for happily ever after is it?

Your thoughts?

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