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Saturday, April 15, 2006

In Adoration: Why We Love Men

Here's a little meme for the weekend. List 5 things that you absolutely LOVE/admire about the opposite sex. Only thing is, you can't list what has already been listed and you MUST list 5 or more. I'll start first and amend the list as necessary from the comments. Let's be more descriptive and insightful, stay away from the cliches and the adjectives and actually admire our men.
  1. The magical ability they have to extend their arm to form a nice soft cushion for your head. My arm isn't that long!!
  2. Their Know-it-all attitude. Even when they don't know it all--they love to act like they do!
  3. The fact that they don't ask for directions. They want to be the explorers and adventurers, searching and eventually (after many hours!) finding their way. There is something to be said for that.
  4. The ability of the male mind to compartmentalize. All our emotions run is a constantly flowing river but they can stoically associate/dissociate from any emotion when necessary.
  5. They act so surprised when someone is extra nice and sweet to them. As if they weren't expecting it. And tend to show their gratitude in so many varied ways.
  6. The way they just radiate heat; I love how cuddling against a man is always such a warm place to be.
  7. That deer-in-the-headlights look they give when they say or do something that changes a woman's mood. It's so endearing that they just want to solve the problem.
  8. Their fascination with (sexual) intimacy. I think often the confidence, affection, spontaneity, etc that they display in the bedroom are reflections of their character. And so is the way they approach (sexual) intimacy.
  9. That they don't hold grudges. Because I hate age-old problems being brought up on a weekly basis.
  10. How even the most macho man has a soft spot. How appreciative they are when you understand about it. ~Romancing Simplicity
  11. The way you feel "protected" in their presence.
  12. When you are important to them, you know it.
  13. When you get a look or touch from a special guy, it makes your heart skip a beat.
  14. I love when a guy chases me in order to win my admiration.
  15. The way I can say and do goofy stuff and they don't run away thinking I am as dumb as I feel. ~Jodi
  16. That spot right between a guy's neck and shoulder that's just so perfect for snuggling. :)
  17. The fact that bugs don't [usually] scare them in the least.
  18. The humor of seeing a bunch of dutiful men seated right outside of the women's fitting room.
  19. That the good ones actually REACH for your purse when they see that your hands are full.
  20. When, in the middle of a sentence, they decide to tell you how much they care about you. Gets me every time! ~ Nicole
  21. They are useful for lifting and moving heavy things;) ~ GDG
  22. I like the way the look on their faces show almost importance and macho pride when you ask 'em to do things like kill a bug, change a lightbulb or help check out who's throwing rocks at your window. ~Jo
  23. The way they smell when they get out of the shower and put on deoderant. It's so masculine.
  24. They way they proudly flaunt their bodies. Walking around naked, looking so ridulous with their penis's flapping yet they are so proud.
  25. The look on their face when you have to go somewhere dressed up and they see you all done up. They look like they forgot you could look so pretty but it makes you feel so good.
  26. How happy they get when their teams win. It's like they are little boys again.
  27. How so they make their arms so big? That is amazing to me and so very hot. Every guy is so proud when you ask to see their muscle. ~Whoami
  28. The way their arm/shoulder/leg never gets tired of you leaning against it.
  29. The way they think you are just as beautiful in an old tee shirt, hair sticking out 15 different ways and no makeup as you are when all dolled up.
  30. The way they appreciate it when you do put in the time to get dolled up.
  31. How easy they are to please with a meal, a kiss, or a striptease.
  32. How hard they fall, once they have found The One. ~ Tubawench
  33. Their smell - fragrance mixed with their own smell - it's just so nice and masculine.
  34. That they are bigger than me which makes them perfect for spooning.
  35. The way they get protective when someone hurts their loved ones.
  36. The way how helpless, honest and unprotected they are at the moment they orgasm.
  37. Their strong hands. ~ Hernes
  38. Men are always more relaxed than I am! They remind me to chill out and calm down when i'm having a prissy hissy.
  39. Most men I know are hilarious. Think about the funniest comedian you know. I bet it's a man.
  40. Men (well, straight men) LOVE women. They love our big booties, our boobs (no matter the size) and everything about us! I love men because they love us!
  41. Men are usually more honest. Sometimes you need the truth--without the sugar coating!
  42. One word: boners. ~ Virginia Belle

You get my drift ladies.

Your turn.


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