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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Other Woman

Definition: The Other Woman is the woman who doesn't have the wedding ring. The girl on the side, the booty call, the mistress-- call it what you will. The other woman is the lady that the stupid guy is messing with outside his 'real' marriage/relationship.

Being the other woman sucks as much ass if not worse as being the Rebound Girl. There is no way that you can ever get the attention and love that you deserve. The only person benefiting out of this relationship is the Cheat (I refuse to classify him as a man.) See he gets to eat his cake and have it back at home too. What's the fun here for you?

Bad girls will never fall into the category of the Other Woman. Sure, you might fall into it unsuspectingly but I trust that once you found out that you were the lady on the side you would kick him to the curb, no questions asked. Why accept crumbs from a guy when there are many men out there who take their vows of marriage/exclusivity seriously?

Besides, you are setting yourself up for bad karma if you keep messing with another woman's man. Sure, he might be all that and a bag of chips (Might being the operative word in this sentence), but if he can't commit to be yours truly then he's not yours at all.

Also bear in mind that if you are the Other Woman and manage to steal him from his wife/girlfriend, you are only setting yourself up for future heartbreak. If he can toss over someone he has such bonds with that easily, then he can also toss you over when the next pretty lil thing comes along. Plus, how could you ever trust him? I wouldn't.

This whole situation is rife with pitfalls and my personal solution is to run, run, run as fast as possible to the other direction. If a man has another woman in his life...his ex/girlfriend/wife or any other, then he isn't the right guy for me.

Bad girls don't settle for less.

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