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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Giving the Perfect Gift to Your Man

So based on yesterday's post, it seems like everyone has been stuck in a similar dilemma one time or another. When it comes to presents, especially in a new relationship, what is the best type of gift to give? It's a catch 22, if you go all out, he might think you are trying to buy his affections. However if you go on the lighter tip, he might think he's not that significant in your life. In addition, you might not have had enough interaction with him to know what he really likes, so it's easy to mess up. Here are a few ideas to lean you towards the right direction.
  1. Dinner Date: Turn the tables and take him out to dinner. Pick a new, trendy restaurant that neither of you have been to and create some new memories. Don't forget to pick up the tab at the end of the meal---remember, you're taking him out.
  2. Show Tickets: One of my friends uses this all the time. There are a plethora of shows out there; baseball games, concerts, comedy clubs, jazz clubs, conventions etc. and you are sure to find one that he'll have fun with or even like. Get the tickets ahead of time and spring them on him as the perfect gift.
  3. Books, Games & Music: If he's a reader, you might find something at B&N up his alley. Conversely with music, a new CD by an artist he likes, or even an old vintage record of one of his favorite artists of the past. Best Buy has really nice collections of DVDs, you can get him the whole boxed set of Bruce Lee or Star Wars etc. For the gamer, there is always a new game around the corner.
  4. Electronics: My aunt once told me, "A man is to gadgets like a woman is to shoes." So of course, finding the perfect gadget would be the perfect gift. You could get an all in one remote control, a camera, the electronic dog or a gaming system.
  5. Cologne: For under a hundred dollars, you can find and wrap his favorite scent or discover a new one he'll like.
  6. Lingerie: When in doubt, go risque. This would be an opportune moment to slip into a daring, scandalous little bit of silk, leather or lace and fulfill his wildest fantasy. Be sure to follow through with some new and freaky moves in the boudoir. It it's his birthday after all.
  7. Heart Gifts: All the schmoopy stuff would fall under this category. Feel free to make a scrapbook of your relationship thus far, a collage of pictures, a box full of love notes, sex coupons etc.
Things to stay away from:
Hmmm, for some reason, I had a lot more on my mind. However, I'm sure that you lovely ladies will finish up both lists. Please add your thoughts and I'll amend.

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