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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Seat Tuesday

I was on the phone today with my old college bud and she was at the mall desperately trying to find the perfect gift for her beau on his birthday. Her birthday fell just 3 days before his and he went all out, hooking her up to a lovely flat screen TV, a camera and a card that 'made her cry'. It's the 6 month point of their relationship, she gave him his fav cologne for Christmas and she only had $150 to find something great. He has a job with a tech he pretty much has every electronic in the book. He's not really the schmoopy type, so she can't go mushy sweet, (besides, she's done that already.) So pretty much he's hard to get a gift for.

I know the best gift is a gift from the heart, but after celebrating years of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays together, I can see how people spaz out when thinking of what to get. At that point I ran out of ideas, so I'm leaving it up to you guys any suggestions?

Have you ever gotten a present from a loved one that was so well thought out, simply perfect from you and totally made you melt?

Oh goodness...I need to get cracking on something for the Fiance! His birthday is around the corner...yikes!


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