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Saturday, June 02, 2007

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Rosevibe tagged me for a meme and I figure today is a great day to do one. It’s about digging out some of my old posts that seem to be unpopular and hot-linking them to refresh and get a new perspective. (At least I think that's what it's about)

It was really hard to find an unpopular post let alone 3 but after some deliberation, here you go:
  1. The first one is the very first blog post I wrote on here. This was back in the days when my blog was still that ugly Pepto Bismol pink and after a lovely evening of talking with my girl pals, I sat down to write a little of what was on my mind that evening. I already had Mysterious Meander by then but realized that the Bad Girls Guide would be a whole 'nother cup of tea. Without further ado, here is the Introduction. I don't think anyone really read that post...well except my friends and fam of course!
  2. The next one is my post on Spooning. I know that so many of us enjoy spooning and I wrote it in my head during a morning spoon and typed it out later on that night. I'm a big fan of spooning and covered it from a fresh angle, I would like to think.
  3. Third but not the least this post is probably the most important. It was written after reading another horrific story about a date gone wrong. It really boggles my mind how so many women let down their guards so easily to someone they just met. I know that the Bad Girls are smart as hell, so please---stay safe. If anything, scream your lungs out, bite his cock, knee him in the nuts, pull hair, stab eyes---whatever you gotta do to get outta there.
I know that most of you are off the blogosphere this weekend and the other half don't even do tags unless I grovel, I'm throwing this to whoever feels like taking a stab at it. Let me know if you do so I can come read your 3 least popular posts.


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