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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need Some Help...

A friend of mine recently sent me information about a well known erotica publishing house that is looking for new writers. I've been working on my first draft of a story that I had sitting in my brain and then sitting on my computer for a while. However now that I have some direction as in what the publisher wants, I have a better idea where the story is going.

Now here is where you guys come in. I need volunteers who will read the final draft and give me some feedback before I submit. It's supposed to be a story that will appeal to a wide genre of women who like erotica...and I figure you guys are my best bet. Please don't be nice at all...if you think it's shit, please say so. If you feel like it's not hot enough, or it's too crass, let me know. it's only 15,000 words, nothing big...just a short story.

If you are interested in seeing a draft, please email me. Thanks!


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