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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sexual Double Standards

One of my absolutely fav blogettes recently wrote a post that hit home for me. Here is a teaser...the first few paragraphs...but you seriously should go to her page and read the whole thing, not only is it eloquent, argumentative, passionate and brilliant; it's beautifully articulated (she should be a lawyer!)

A while back, I was involved in an "internet discussion", regarding female sexuality, male respect for female sexual expression, etc., and wanted to express my utter dismay over the term "giving it up", in reference to the act of sex.

More specifically, my dismay over the fact that the term "giving it up", is ONLY applied to a women's role in a sexual exchange.

We need to expunge this term from our vocabularies.

First of all, this verbiage implies that I, as a woman, have relinquished something. I "gave" something away which would imply that it is "gone" and I am now "out" something. Does that make sense? The very language puts me, the woman, at some sort of imaginary sexual disadvantage and smack dab into the role of "victim".

Victim to a man and his powerful ways OMG! I am now rendered helpless after giving "it" up!

Um no.

A woman who is empowered in her sexual choices, has sex when she chooses, with whom she chooses, and demonstrates a healthy sexuality is not "giving something up" by having sex. She's engaging in an act and receiving pleasure from it.

There is no way that I can eloquently express my stance against this ridiculous double standard that is permeated in our society today beyond what the Mahogany Misfit has already said. Without further this...and leave your comments, either here or at MM's page. I want to see what other women feel about this issue.


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