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Monday, December 17, 2007

When You Catch Him Cheating

Most women think that we are invincible or infallible to picking out a cheat, but cheating can happen to anybody in any situation. This is one of the things that we tend to dog men on alot and I hate to get on a soapbox but even though we know cheating is wrong, for some reason our society has glamorized or glossed it up to make it look like it's not such a huge betrayal as it should be.

So what happens when you follow your sixth sense or randomly find your man double dipping on you? Your first reaction naturally is one of shock and dismay, but then alot of other emotions flow right into the mix quite brutally. Anger is the one that is hardest to deal with, because it flares up with such intensity that it might actually make your blood 'burn', literally and figuratively. I've heard stories of women while in the midst of rage cut off their guys parts, stab people, pour boiling water or acid, kill the woman or beat the shit out of everyone in the room. You don't want to be that psycho.

Why? Because the truth of the matter is that if any man has the nerve to cheat on your fabulous self then he doesn't deserve you. Reacting angrily and getting yourself into a situation that has the potential to affect the rest of your life isn't the solution---kicking the dickweed out of your life is.

When you react angrily, you will do and say things that you might later regret. For all you know, the girl could have been an innocent victim, thinking that Mr. Casanova was her guy and didn't even know about you---then you would have punished her for no reason. She's not the one you need to enact your revenge on...he is. We always want to attack the girl first, but that isn't where your anger and attention should be focused. She doesn't owe you anything---she never made promises to you, she never had an exclusive, monogamous relationship with you---in fact she probably doesn't even know you.

However, Mr. Libertine is the one that lied, cheated and betrayed you, so why are you taking it out on the girl? Let the chick go, she ain't got nothing to do with this. A "Bitch get the fuck out of my house," should do the trick to get her ass in gear, if not, throw her out.

Now that you have no witnesses, er...people around, you can start to castrate or brand, um get on with the next phase, getting the dude out of your life and your bed. He will of course be begging you, apologizing profusely and promising heaven and earth, but if you don't get rid of him now, I can bet you money that in a few months, you'll be wishing you did. If you don't, your relationship ends up in Cheater's Purgatory, which is a relationship slow death. Better to cut it off severely and be done with it. It's over, the trust is broken, he's a cheat and you don't need that in your life.

If you need anthem music, turn on Irreplaceable or Before He Cheats. It's enough to simmer your blood boil to a medium range, think clearly and kick him out.

Next, go through the Break Up plan and call in the posse of reinforcements. Whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold really did have his thinking brain on. Formulate a brilliant scheme that won't get you caught, locked up, or sued and enact it masterfully a few weeks later. There is nothing more therapeutic than a ritualistic roast of your ex's most prized possessions.

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So, do share...what are you most satisfying revengeful moments that you've heard of or ever had? There might be a Bad Girl in here that needs a good plan.

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