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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Being Real

You know that saying that men with small dicks drive big trucks? I think the same is true of women. Not in the truck department, but I feel that girls that toot their horn too much are really on the inside, really insecure. I've had a few interactions in the last two weeks that got me thinking about women who boast about everything under the sun; especially when you really break it down, they aren't doing anything to boast about.

I love the fact that all my girls are handling their business and holding it down in every sphere of life however some women I've encountered talk a loud game but aren't really backing it up. From large exaggerations to downright lies, we tend to say anything to butter our rep with other people. Why? Why are we so afraid to show that we are vulnerable, are struggling and we are doing our best with what we've got? Why is it that we always gotta put on this 'face' in public like everything is gravy?

In every group of friends, there is competition, we might not voice it, but under the surface it's there. We want to do better and prove we're better than everyone else, I don't know if it's inherent in the human population, but we as women can be just as competitive as men. Actually, I take that back---we are more competitive than men, and sometimes we can be downright evil about that competition shizz. Either we are talking up ourselves or tearing someone else down---why can't we just be happy where we are without needing to tear into each other?

And don't even get me started on how we talk about men. Sure he might be all that to us (especially in the honeymoon phase) and know how to eat good pussy, but why is it that when we get with our girls we start talking him up like he's Adonis sent from above? It's a straight trip, especially when your girls know he ain't shit, got 2 baby mama's and no job.

Okay, maybe I'm just being really cynical, but what is it about us women that we like to jock and flatter men that are in reality a total joke? Do you ever see the guys flattering the girl that doesn't have her life together? Oh hell no---they keep it real to the point of disrespect, and just get what they can get and bounce on to some other honey that has her act together.

So I guess this is just a challenge. Will the real sisters please stand up. Let's stop being fake and frontin'. Let's stop talking up losers and stay true to what we truly want in a relationship. You can't call for respect from others if you don't even respect yourself. So don't just talk about it---BE about it.


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