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Monday, November 26, 2007

When He Wants to Cum on Your Face

Question: My new boyfriend keeps asking to cum on my face. I try putting him off but he's persistent. I haven't tried it before, but just thinking about the icky, slimy gooey-ness all over my face makes me want to throw up. How do I get him to get over it?

This is on the shit list of alot of women. Despite being nymphomaniacs in every category, for some reason getting a cum facial is akin to lying in a pit full of snakes. For men it seems to be an added elation, some kind of power trip and a fantasy showing our total 'submission' to their manhood. Whatever.

I'm actually surprised your guy brought it up. Most of the guys I questioned about this actually have that fantasy but know better than to bring it up. Most stay away from that topic, knowing that it is prone to turn a lady off rather than get her off. When questioned where they got it from, surprisingly it wasn't from the locker room talk, it was from pornography and they rarely talk to their 'boys' about it. So I guess it's one of those things that falls in the gray taboo zone.

For the fact he's comfortable enough to bring it up to you shows a certain level of trust in your relationship. Kudos to you for not laughing in his face or throwing a huge "OH HELL FUCKIN' NO!", right back at him. However if you don't want to go there, you have to step up to the plate and let him know what your objections are. For me, I feel that you should try everything at least once before you give it the never know, you might get your rocks off too and totally love the experience.

Whichever way you decide, you have to speak up. Changing the topic or distracting him is not going to resolve the issue, it's only going to put it off for another day. It sounds like it's a huge fantasy for him and if you are sure it's not the road for you, it will end up being deal breaker if one of you doesn't back down. "I know you like it but cum on my face makes me wanna puke," would be a good place to start.

Maybe you can compromise with allowing him to cum on say, your ass or tits or some other body part. Perhaps then he can still get his rush and you can keep your boundaries.

Good luck.

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