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Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Facts Every Single Girl Should Know

(from Imogen Lloyd Webber’s The Single Girl’s Survival Guide)
  1. When interviewing for a job, think about what employers are looking for and dress to fit their ideal—don’t wear a short skirt and stilettos if they will distract you from impressing the interviewer.
  2. For the single girl, a good home is where buses, the subway, shops of all description, and your working world are right outside the door.
  3. As soon as you can afford it, move out of your parents’ home. It will make you happy.
  4. Don’t confuse Genuine Girlfriends with Girl Playmates. Some friends are wonderful for confiding everything to; others should be confined to playing with.
  5. When at a social gathering, always have a pre-booked exit strategy.
  6. A date is many things but it is not: a meet-up where he brings his friends, or Accidental Sex between 10PM to 3AM. Give up and find another fish if it’s either.
  7. Always keep in mind that you can be lonelier in the wrong relationship than you ever can be as a single girl.
  8. Diets are dull and make you duller. Other people will try and sabotage yours if you’re on one, so don’t tell them; just do it.
  9. You’re too smart to have enemies; there are just some people you need to play a smarter game with.
  10. The mathematical formula for the socially acceptable age range for your man is: double your age and subtract seven for older men; halve your age and add seven for younger men.

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