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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Book Review: The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything

This book is truly a manual on everything related to life in this generation. Melissa Kirsch covers every single topic under the sun, from investments, living on a budget, dealing with pets, frienvy and family. At a hefty 400+ pages, this book promises alot in the title and delivers all that and more.

It's not a literary chore as one might think from the thickness, in fact, every page has lovely blurbs and little sections to keep even the more attention deficit order having of us entertained. There are numerous quotes and citations from other noteworthy authors of this genre like Greg Behrendt and Laurie Frankel.

I gotta say this, Melissa did her homework on EVERYTHING and wrote a book to tell us all about it. It's like she figured out the facts of every sphere of our life in this generation; from health to love to finances and laid it all out in black and white.

She makes everything that we dread about life, the bills, job interviews, the 401ks, the budget, traveling, stains on clothes/carpeting, coming out of the closet, spirituality and dealing with friend and family hassles sound so easy and uncomplicated to understand and take care of. It makes you feel like you have the handle on this thing called life and you can deal with anything that comes your way (even unclogging the toilet without having to call a guy to do it).

Personally I'm going to invest in my own power drill, so I can fix things and put things right where I want them. We might not have the muscles to do things, but that's why God created power tools!

The only topics that I felt weren't delved into sufficiently was anything involved with severe illness, death and dying. But for a book about LIVING---it does cover every single aspect. Check it out at your bookstore, just flick through a few pages and you'll find yourself learning more about how to handle your business than you ever realized you didn't know about.

This is something that every woman needs to read and a book that should be shared and passed on among the Sisterhood. Give it to your little sis, your friends, your daughter and even that weird looking girl at the coffee shop. Every woman needs to read this book.

Check it out HERE.


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