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Saturday, December 22, 2007

When You Are Dickmotized

Definition: Dick-motosis occurs when a woman is with a guy that sucks in almost every single respect except one---he gives her really good sex. A woman that is dick-motized is in essence hynotised so much by his good loving that she chooses to overlook or forgive all his other more glaring annoying qualities.

First of all a big holla to my fav new Bad Girl, Ebonne. It was from her that I first heard this phrase but as soon as she said it, it totally clicked.

It's so easy to get dickmotized and yet so hard to get out of. Most stories that I've heard of with women sticking for years with men that aren't good for them are because they are hopelessly hypnotized by his cock. They put up with all the bull shit out and drama out of bed, because that good fuckin' got them all weak that they can't think straight. Their friends are telling them to wake up and snap out of it---but they can't, they are addicted to that cock like it's heroin.

So how does a Bad Girl get out of Dickmotosis?
  1. Quit Cold Turkey. Like any bad habit, trying to wean yourself off slowly can take weeks or months. To get out of the dickmotosis, you have to quit him altogether. Break it off, stop taking his calls, his texts and emails. Delete all his contact information and tell him to lose your number. He will be persistently trying to get you back for a while but you have to be strong, because once you get back into his sphere it will be harder to break free.
  2. Buy a Vibrator. An honest to goodness, premium vibrator like the Wanichi Vibe or Hitachi Magic Wand. Get a replacement, albeit an electronic one and start using it to wean yourself off his cock. If you are used to getting one or two orgasms from him daily---give yourself 5 in the morning, 2 for lunch and another 2 at night. This will enable you to stop craving his cock so much. The vibrator is just like Nicorette for smokers, a substitute to get you through the hard times when you wanna break down and give in to his smooth charms. When you are craving him, zap yourself up with your Electronic Boyfriend.
  3. Get a Support Group. Most girls already have a built in support group in their friends. So tell them you are trying to break yourself of the bad habit of jumping to him whenever Mr. Good Dick crooks his finger at you. That way when you feel yourself breaking, give one of them a ring instead of calling him. They will also help you through the rocky break up patch and give you an emotional lift when you are feeling down.
  4. Take a Breather. Once you get clean from him, don't be so quick to jump into another dickmotized situation. Sure, sex is great and all, but you don't want to replace one addiction with another. Learn some new hobbies, travel, join a cause or volunteer. Do something and anything to fill your hours with exciting and great experiences that don't evolve around sex.
  5. Become a Dick Slayer. This is the final part of the journey. After taking time to learn more about yourself and what pleasures you, you can take steps to learn more about sex and all it's wild horizons. Flex your Kegels, take a sensuality class, (or even a stripping class). Embrace your sexuality and stop being the recipient, turn yourself into the giver. Take hold of the reins, ride dirty and be the wild, bad girl you were destined to be. That way it will be hard to get Dick-motized again, because he'll be laid out with all the good lovin' you've laid down on him.
Are there any other tips you ladies can think of?

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