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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The 3 G Spots

Lala, this ones for you.

I didn't even know I had more than one g-spot until I met Norio. He found the other 2 all by himself and I am the lucky recipient. Since he didn't draw a map, I can only kinda tell you where it is.

It's been official, there isn't just a g-spot anymore, women have a g-zone, a larger erogenous zone on the pelvic wall side of the pussy. Since most men can't even find the dime sized g spot, this is good. Stimulating around the anterior side of the vagina will work, but usually only the g spot will bring most women to orgasm.

Add to that, there is the U-spot (which is one of the three). The U-spot is actually located closer to the opening of the uterus and when rubbed consistently will yield to another orgasm. The third is the A-spot, which is somewhere on the inside part of the clitoris and when stimulated lubricates as well as pleasures.

So, the position that makes him hit all three spots?

First start in missionary, then inch your legs all the way up over his shoulders. This flattens the pussy and allows him to reach the U-spot with each stroke. The flattening position also stretches your clitoris open wider, which makes the A-spot accessible. And hopefully his cock is thick enough to hit your g-spot all in one smooth rhythm.

As soon as my legs are up, I'm orgasming in less than 3 strokes. For me it's as guaranteed as the ocean being wet. I can't even do this for too long because I start speaking in tongues and getting dizzy, it's that good.

Okay, enough sex talk early in the morning...y'all are making me horny. (14 days to go!) Good luck, let me know if you find them, and happy searching.


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