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Sunday, August 26, 2007

When He Doesn't Like to Eat You Out

Moxie got a question from one of her readers about being in a relationship with a man that doesn't like to go downtown.

I'm with a wonderful man who doesn't enjoy giving oral sex. We've talked about it and he doesn't have a good answer as to why. I've asked him if it's taste, smell, etc. but he just says "I just don't like it". Fine. I am not taking it personally and I won't force him of course. I'm willing to work on alternatives such as more physical touching, kissing near but not on the vulva/pussy/whatever one wants to call it. Up until now he's not really done any of that either and I hope it's because he didn't want to "tease" me into thinking he was going to give me oral sex. That of course remains to be seen (we only had this talk today).

My question for your readers is...are there any men out there who used to also "just not like it" who have changed their opinion? I am hoping that with open communication and exposure to trying things without the pressure of giving me oral sex that he will eventually learn enough about my body to be open to trying oral sex.

Say what? OH HELLS FUCKIN' NO! That should have been your response when he told you that. He's got alot of nerve...and you, for not laying down the rules just set yourself up for months of sheer torture. Especially since it sounds like he does like to get a solid blowjob from you on the regular. There is no acceptable excuse in my book for not reciprocating in oral sex. He doesn't even want to attempt it, which is a deal breaker. Other alternatives??? Is that wussy speak for fingering and the like? There is no way that I can be satisfied with 'other alternatives' when a good pussy licking is just what the freak in me craves.

I know people will say that "if he's a wonderful guy what does it matter?" Let me tell you this: If he's a great guy, he won't put his hangups above your pleasure. Obviously he has selfish tendencies going on and this is a prime example. So he's not all that great. Moreover, he can't even give her a reason. Which means that even he knows that his reason is pure bullshit. Sure her pussy might be all nasty and stuff, but he should be man enough to tell her to clean/shave eat fruit etc. and not wuss out about the whole thing in general. He doesn't want his precious lips to be in the proximity of her cunt. He sounds like he's scared of it.

Sista girl, you can bend over backwards trying to figure out why he's not eating your va-jay-jay and compromise for the rest of your life on something that is obviously important to you or you can look for a real man that wants to and will eat you out like your pussy was solid gold. It's up to you.

I'm sure alot of freaks agree with me on this one---if you can't go downtown, you've gots to go.

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