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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On Being 100% Faithful

I was having a conversation today with a group of friends about cheating and infidelity. The question was, are men men and women capable of being 100% faithful? Bear in mind that we are talking about the 21st century, the most sexually explicit generation of all times. There are women on the prowl, man stealers, Myspace hos and porn is free online. In addition to that, you have rampant sexualization even on TV and the media, with celebs and hip-hop selling sexuality & sex like it's on sale.

So, in this generation...are we capable of being 100% faithful? When I say 100% I mean, faithful as in not looking, not speaking of booty, not flirting, not touching, not getting aroused by, not cheating, not fantasizing and not thinking about any other woman/man but you?

Now that is something to ponder for the day. I would like your thoughts on this, men and women alike.


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