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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Myspace Ho's & the Objectification of Women

I ended up in a heated debate today over the fact that women on Myspace (and other social websites) put their overly sexual, skanky, slutty, nasty ass pictures on their profiles in the guise of garnering attention and comments from men. STOP FUCKING DOING THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW!! You are totally misrepresenting yourself and adding to the objectification of our gender. Not only that but think of all the fucking perverts that have right clicked your picture and have in saved in their computers for them to jack off too whenever it suits them. Eeeeeew! The internet is called the world wide web for a reason and do you honestly want half-naked/naked pictures of yourself floating around for all and sundry to see? What if you end up in a high level position, become a celebrity...become a Mom and those pictures resurface where you least expect them? What are you going to do then?

I know some of you will argue that you are a model looking for work and need to show off your body...but sticking your ass out in a pic isn't necessary. Okay, perhaps it's a gross oversimplification to catergorize all women that do this as a Myspace Whore, however putting your regular pics online is one thing---putting photos in lewd poses, suggestive labeling, wearing nothing but a strip of floss you call a bikini and a smile is going way too far.

The male stance is that the pictures are up there so what if they take a peek? There is nothing wrong with them ogling, leaving suggestive comments and flirting with the girls. They are just giving them the attention that these women so desperately seek. My friend actually claimed that he was an innocent victim of shameless pandering. Something along the lines of, "I'm just online minding my own business, and I keep getting requests and links to these girls pages." He then went on to state that it's stuff like this that leads to the objectification a la what's going on in hip hop videos today. "You women are the cause of it...stop throwing the power of your pussy in our face...."

Okay I admit the Power of the Pussy. However I don't acknowledge that men are animals led by the pure instinct to rut or ruled primarily with their dicks. I'm sure there is a large percentage of guys on Myspace that don't even pay attention to the Myspace Ho's but I can tell it's not the majority. I'm sure that if there wasn't the market for it...such a high population of the Myspace Ho's would exist.

It's not just on Myspace! This perversion exists in every strata of life today as we know it...from young children in elementary school that dress too sexy for their ages all the way up to the media. We even exhibit it in our choice of clothes, opting for outfits that are way too revealing and leave nothing to the imagination. Modesty isn't just a word you know.

I don't accept is the fact that we as beautiful, strong, fabulous Women sell out for a quick fix of a stranger validating that we are hot. What is so wrong in your real life that you need the constant attention from men? Why are you so damn insecure that you don't even realise that you are pretty much turning tricks online for compliments? When are you going to realise that power...true power comes from within your own mind and that you have the power to carve your future and how people perceive you the moment you step out of bed?

We are so much better than this. We complain that we want a guy to value our mind and heart as well as our bodies and yet when put to the test so many of us fail woefully and present our bodies as the main asset. It's like a twisted paradigm that we are all stuck into but hopefully our generation will break the cycle instead of falling deeper into the abyss of sexual depravity. Be a woman of honor---stop the cycle.

What do you think about this trend? Do you think it will get worse before it gets better? Do you think it will ever get better?

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