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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Being a Doormat

Definition: A doormat is a pushover, a person with very little backbone who doesn't stand up for his/herself. They are constantly pushed around and stepped on by others and they have a innate fear and inability to just say no.

I just finished watching the season finale of the Ex-Wives Club, and I must say, the dude on this episode was such a fucking doormat. Here's the scenario. He met a girl, dated her for a while and they got into a more serious relationship eventually getting married. Because rent is really expensive in California, girl ends up moving into his parents house. (I don't know if he was already living there with his parents).

Here's where it gets sticky. She cheats on him, then breaks up with him via instant messenger. On top of that, she has the audacity to still live in the house with him and his parents for several months after dating other men who come to pick her up while he waits for her to come home. The cast of Ex Wives Club ended up giving him an apartment fully furnished with the rent paid for a year. The choices are to move in by himself, give it to the Ex or move in with the Ex into the new crib.

What does this guy choose?

You guessed it. He fucking gave the apartment to the Ex. So now not only did she cheat on him, dump via the computer, break his heart and then date other men in his presence---she gets a fully furnished one year rent free apartment. I guess being a bitch does have it's perks.


Epilogue: She's still living in the apartment 6 months later and her new boyfriend/sperminator is expecting her bundle of joy in a few more months. Man, she does give the Sisterhood such a bad rep.



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