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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When He Loses His Erection

I recently started dating a 35 yo man who is awesome and I love to pieces, but turns out is a virgin. It's all fine and good except for the fact that we can't seem to get to the end of things. Everything else he does do is great, the boy loves to make sure I have a wonderful time, and will give me what ever I need to get off. I am able to give him a bj or hand job to completion with no problems. Problem is we get to the point of needing a condom and his erection leaves. After that nothing will get it back. We have tried me putting it on and him putting it on, I've tried giving a bj while putting it on but nothing works. I'm not sure if it is the anxiety of doing it the first time or not since the mere mention of a condom starts the wilting. This is driving me crazy! I don't have the option of going with out it right now since I am not on BC. Any ideas?

Okay hun, I really want to help you here, but honestly this has never happened to me. I can give a few ideas though...

From the stories I've heard though, most erectile issues are mental/emotional hangups. The blockage isn't in his's in his head and he needs to work on relaxation techniques, deep breathing techniques and several minutes of foreplay to get him fully hard. If the problem persists, I would suggest him talking to a sex therapist. They can probe into this together.

Question for you...does he still remain hard when he's in your pussy without a condom? If he does, then it is an association about condoms. If he doesn't...well then, perhaps you should delve more on why he hadn't had sex for so many years by choice.

Another thing that occurred to me is that he might be batting for the wrong team. There might also be a history of sexual molestation or abuse, or negative upbringings and feelings surrounding sex. Personally I know that I was given a huge guilt complex about sex outside of marriage, and this carried over into my freedom and abilities in the bedroom.

Have him try masturbating, putting the condom on himself and jacking off in your presence. This might harden him up. Also remember that guys that masturbate alot tend to be de-sensitized eventually. So if he jacked off all through his 'virgin hood', it will definitely take alot more to keep him aroused.

If this still persists, you have to remember to PROTECT YOURSELF regardless of what you choose to do. You might have to abstain from sex until you find a suitable protection method. If you are in an exclusive monogamous relationship and you've both been tested for HIV & STDs (remember even virgins can get STDs), with conclusive results, and you just can't stop yourself from wanting to be intimate with him it's totally up to you if you want to go bare or not.

I'm opening this question up to the floor...what do you do with a shrinking cock?

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