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Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't be a Crumb Snatcher

Definition: A crumb snatcher is a woman that dates a man that no other woman in her right mind would date. He is the epitome of a man to stay away from, and yet she keeps finding one loser right after another to add to her long list of men who treat her badly.

I'm sure that you know a couple crumb snatchers off the bat. There are even a plethora of celebrity crumb snatchers. She's the friend that is with a man that is a deadbeat with no job, no prospects and very low ethics. It could be that he lacks motivation, just got out of prison, is addicted to drugs/alcohol, and beats the shizz out of her. He's the guy that has 3 or more kids with different baby mamas and so has no money of his own 'cos child support is after his ass so he doesn't work. So he's living off her while she pays ALL the bills. He has the law after him, thinks having a felony is just another day in the park and doesn't want to improve his prospects in life. Or he could be sort of responsible, but treats her so bad that you cringe at every word he says. He brow beats her, controls her, spends her money, emotionally/physically abuses her and has her constantly under his thumb.

He's a crumb. And she's latching on to him like he's the best thing since sliced bread. For every single thing he does, she has an excuse for him, and is an Enabler to his vices. He doesn't give her the proper appreciation, adoration, respect, love and care that she deserves; and for some reason, she's okay with that. He gives her crumbs of his attention, is probably cheating on her as well or badmouthing her to his friends and she keeps 'forgiving' him and taking him back fight after fight after fight.

He's a user. And he's using her for everything she has; her resources, her connections, her emotions, sex and love, until eventually he saps her of everything that she is. He keeps taking and taking while she keeps giving and giving. Eventually he will leave her, the moment he finds another Crumb Snatcher that is further up the food chain. And she will be left bereft and mourning the loss, castigating all men for her own foolishness.

You would think that in this day and age, men like I described above would no longer exist. But they do in greater posterity than you can imagine. It is mainly because we women keep allowing them to treat us like shit, allowing them to take advantage of us and allowing them to use us. All he has to do is look down the street to find anotherCrumb Snatcher who will readily take him in. We can't stop this trend if we don't address the character flaws and bad habits within ourselves that make this a possibility.

I know that deciding to be a Crumb Snatcher is not a choice that you make consciously, but if you do find yourself in a situation similar to the one I described, you need to notice the red flags sister girl and handle your business.

You aren't going to get a good man if you don't believe that you deserve one. And EVERY woman, regardless of who she is or what she's done deserves to be with a good man. If you put yourself down and scrape the bottom of the barrel, then crumbs are all you are going to get. You have to set your standards higher, and don't accept anything less than that. Absolutely NO deadbeats allowed. I don't care if he fucks like he invented sex or is good looking; if he's a user, loser and jobless, he's not the man for you. End of story.

Your thoughts?

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