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Monday, March 05, 2007

To All My Bad Girls....

I'm sure many of you have seen this forward, but it's so lovely that I just have to share it with everyone.

Special Sisters

Never apologize for pursuing what makes you happy. Even if you need to
quit your job, or move across country, always do what you really want.

Never apologize for giving your best in a relationship that just didn't work out.

Never apologize for being successful. Only haters want to keep you at their level.

Never apologize for crying. Wear waterproof mascara and express yourself.

Never apologize for being frugal. Just because you save your money
instead of blowing it on the latest fashion emergency doesn't mean you're cheap.

Never apologize for being a single mom. Babies are a blessing.

Never apologize for treating yourself to something special.
Sometimes you have to show yourself some appreciation.

Never apologize for leaving an abusive relationship. Your safety should always be a priority.

Never apologize for keeping the ring even if wedding bells won't chime.

Never apologize for setting high standards in a relationship.
You know what you can tolerate and what simply gets on your nerves.

Never apologize for saying NO.

Never apologize to your new friends about old friends. There's a
reason she's been your girl from day one.

Never apologize for ordering dessert. Or more than one dessert.

Never apologize for your taste in clothes. It's your style

Never apologize for changing your mind

Never apologize for being you!


Send this to all the Special Sisters in your life! I just did!
A friend is a person who knows all about you and still loves you just the same.

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