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Friday, February 23, 2007

Top Reasons Why Your Guy Will Never Make a Good Woman

Being that today I'm suffering from the exhaustion and delirium of staying up 24 hours without a wink of sleep, there is no way I can write anything sufficiently coherent. Here is where my lovely readers come in. Let's do this great meme for a weekend listing a whole bunch of reasons why our men, as darling as they are, will never make good women. I'll edit the list from the comments so add your comment and join in the fun.
  1. He doesn't understand why shopping is therapeutic.
  2. He can't comprehend why we need multiple shoes in the same color.
  3. He doesn't think chocolate is nearly as delicious as I do.
  4. He can't see the dust.
  5. His idea of a home-cooked meal is ordering a pizza.
  6. He doesn't realize the difference between painting your walls "orange sherbet" or "cantaloupe".
  7. He will never honestly tell you if it is indeed making your butt look big.
  8. He can't hem your pants.
  9. He BITES his toenails.
  10. Uses SOAP to shampoo his hair
  11. Cries like a bitch when you try to tweeze ONE hair on his face
LMAO...too funny! Keep 'em coming!

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