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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Book Review: Kiss & Run

Written by Elina Furman, this book has the byline of being "The Single, Picky and Indecisive Girl's Guide to Overcoming Her Fear of Commitment." Surprisingly, it's not about how to snag a guy, how being single is fabulous or how being part of a twosome is the best thing to do. It manages to avoid all those issues yet brings alot of insight to a dating/relationship trend that alot of women (and men!) face.

In a nutshell, it's a book written for Commitment-phobes by a commitment-phobe. Elina breaks down the 7 major types of commitment-phobes in a sassy, no-holds barred prose that is both eye opening, hilarious and interesting. I found out that I used to be a combination of several types. Originally I started out as a combination of the Free Spirit/Nitpicker to the Serial Dater/Player until eventually I found that guy that made me turn in my running shoes and blissfully commit.

As interesting as this book is, it's actually very well researched. Elina used 3 years to interview singletons and former commitment-phobes to find out what actually made us quit, bolt and run screaming in the opposite direction with any pithy excuse we could find. Every chapter deals with a different type of this dating ailment, has a plethora of easily identifiable examples as well as quizzes that help you recognize easily which type you are. It's a great read for Girls Night, as you can take the quizzes with your friends, (they might even know more about your dating habits then you do!)

At the end of every chapter there are several tips to help you gradually morph away from the type of commitment phobia that you have into a healthier and more open singleton. Of course don't expect an overnight change, but at least you will be able to realise your trends and stop sabotaging yourself in this quest called love.

Of course, I still believe it takes a wonderful combination of you being in the right place in your life and right mindset; a dash of healthy optimism, a twist of fate, coupled with a fantastically amazing man that you are head over heels in love with as the one true solution into getting yourself to turn in those running shoes for good.

This is a great read and highly insightful for both singletons and former Commitment-phobes. On her website, you can take the commitment phobe test online to see which category you rank under...try it out, it's free and fun. Check out your copy of Kiss & Run HERE.

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