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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When His Ex Tells You Tales

I was watching I Love New York last night, and on the episode she had the exes of her current beaus come to the scene to find out the dirty secrets that the men had never told her.

Besides the fact that some sordid and scintillating tales came up, it also brought to mind that one's ex really could be your Achilles' heel. Think about it, his ex has known him at his worst moments, and also at his best. He's let his guard down with her and stopped putting on the fake face. She does know how to get her way with him, and how to push his buttons. Interviewing his ex is like skipping past all the romantic facade and honeymoon phase straight to the nitty gritty flaws in him. It's almost like a get free info pass, complete with personal knowledge and skeletons in his closet.

There are innumerable pitfalls in this of course. She might just be telling you stuff or tainting it in a bad light to make him look worse. She might be a man-eater and try to get her claws back into him. She might be bitter and see this as a perfect revenge tool. Or she might be an angel like in Little Black Book, and make you realise that his ex is better off with him than you are.

In addition to that, it also puts preconceived notions in your head that have no business being there. It takes the mystery and allure out of the relationship as well as the thrill of the chase. It adds more drama where there should be none and you can build up the flaws you hear about into ridiculous mountains. It adds a level of pre-judgement into your relationship and takes out an element of trust.

So overall, it's a really, really bad idea. But it does make great television.

This is what I get for watching trashy reality tv instead of going to bed. Inane thoughts running through my head. Goodnight y'all.

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