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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rebound Girl Drama...the Long Version

I'm a freshman in college and I have never had a boyfriend and I am still a virgin. I've been "together" with guys before, but my relationships never last more then three months. I've recently realized that I am always the rebound or the girl on the side. But anyway your advice I will truly take to heart and I would extremely appreciate it.

I'll make this short, his girlfriend of 3 years broke up with him for another man just before i met him. He was extremely upset but told me he wanted nothing to do with her. We got close, i grew strong feelings for him, he told me he had strong feelings for me too but he just didn't want a relationship right away because he just got out of a 3 year one. 3 months pass and we're still "together". Then his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend dumps her and she runs back to him begging him to take her back. They start texting and hanging out again and he swears to me that its only on a friend basis and that he still liked20me.

Well a week later after telling me that, they get back together. I was heartbroken, i spent 3 months with him and trusted him enough to grow feelings for him. Out of absolute rage i text him when i found put he was going back out with his ex. He keeps on saying how they are already fighting and that he still likes me but doesn't think it would work out between us and he apologizes. I was so upset. He wanted to be friends, so i try to be friendly with him. But its hard for me because i couldn't let go of my feelings for him. So i try to explain to him how he has to keep his distance from me because i wanted to lose all my feelings for him. We still hung out and went to shows together, and then i realized how i was hurting myself because i still thought of him being together with me. He knew not to talk about his girlfriend around me.

This past Saturday i was in an extremely bitchy mood about the whole situation, him and his friends and I were hanging out. And i was driving them around and I told them how i was tired and wanted to go home. So he asks me to drive him to his girlfriends house. And I told him to walk, it was only three blocks away and drizzling out, but he had a jacket. He gets all pissed off walks away and throws something at my car and calls me a c*nt. I run over to him and tell him to never disrespect me like that. We start screaming at each other and i tell him how he deserves to walk in the rain after what he did to me. He tells me that he never wanted to hurt me, but when he got the chance to have the love of his life back he took it. And i told him that if he cared about me, he wouldn't of did that to me. Then he goes on to explain how he still likes me in more then a friend way and how they fight, and how he doesn't know why he is gong back out with her. And i tell him how i cant do this anymore, i tell him that we cannot be friends.

Now today I get a text message from him asking if were still going to the show together this Saturday because I told him how i didn't want to be friends with him. And i told him yeah, and i have him this long emotional text message on how i just said that because i didn't want to like him anymore and how i freaked out when he said he liked me, and his response was "uhhh..ok" and i got pissed yet again.

We argue again about the previous Saturday and he tells me how he doesn't like me anymore because i really pissed him off Saturday. And to my surprise i get actually upset and i apologize to him. So obviously I still want him. I dont know what to do, my mom and friends tell me to get rid of him, that he doesn't deserve me. But its so hard. Deep down i hope they break up again so me and him can get back together. But i don't want to be that girl. And were both friends with the same friends so no matter what I'm going to see him and i might actually get a job at where he works. I don't know what to do, i need your advice. Thank you if you take the time out to read this, i really truly appreciate it.

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