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Monday, January 26, 2009

Response to Previous Post: The Other Woman

Wow....just wow! This guy has way too much going on! I don't think he intentionally meant to screw you over, it sounds that when your relationship with him started, he was going through a seperation or rocky period with his wife. He was looking for his second fiddle, a woman to go to when things got hot at home and he found you. You fulfilled for him every desire that his wife did not, you were loving, supportive, tender and probably insanely amazing in bed. He probably didn't tell you about his 'divorce' because he had come to know what kind of woman you are and he didn't want to lose you. At the same time he didn't have the balls to end the relationship with his 'wife'.

Men lie because they don't want to have to deal with the drama that comes with telling the truth. It's the same reason all people lie...but I'm surprised that he was having this covert life for 20 months and you didn't even notice. I'm sure there were a few red flags earlier in the relationship, and looking back now, you will probably still recognize them waving in the wind. But it's over and done with, kicking yourself is not going to do much good.

I think you are so much better off without him. The Universe helped you to end this toxic affair. I know that it hurts right now, and probably will for a while...but you deserve a man that loves and is with you---and only you. You are too special and fabulous to play second fiddle to anyone, the guy that is right for you will truly see you as his one and only.

You did everything right in this relationship. You loved hard, treated him well and communicated your feelings. The person that screwed up and screwed up bad is this man...a man (dare I call him that?) who has alot of baggage and issues of his own.

As the other Bad girls said, cut your losses and as far as you can in the other direction. You dodged a bullet with this guy, because the shady way he is treating you and his wife is the same way that he will keep treating you. Cut all ties with him, severe your financial cords and change the locks. This relationship needs to be killed 100%. Stop trying to get answers---this will just hurt you in the long run.

Let Him Go. He's not worth the mat you wipe your shoes on. Pick up the broken pieces of your heart and eventually have faith that this was a lesson learned. The guy that is right for you is still out there, and this was just another stepping stone in the right direction.

Sorry for the anguish that you must be going through now, but it will surely pass. Hugs...and keep your head up are a fabulous woman and will get the very best!

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