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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Penis Size: Going from Bigger to Smaller

Is it possible to adjust to a small penis when your preference is a large one? Call me shallow, but I'm having trouble adjusting. Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance!!

Whoa...your question is one I haven't encountered before. In my experience, my penis sizes went up on the scale...not down! I hope the penis you are talking about is in the 4.5-6 inches range, with a decent circumference, otherwise, ummm, I don't know you will be able to deal. If his cock is about the size of any of your fingers, you might have to invest in some toys for both of you to play in bed with.

If he has a short dick, but it's thick, you should be able to enjoy him as is...most of the problem is in your head, not your pussy. You are mentally used to having a huge dick, so your brain is telling your body that this one is not cutting it. But like every habit, it's easy to re-train your brain. Just remember when this guy is consorting with you that you like him, he treats you well, and he's a great guy. I'm not sure if he's just your booty call or boyfriend, but either way, please cut him some slack---he's probably been criticized for his small penis all his life.

But thinking about it scientifically, as elastic as the pussy is, I think it's quite capable to adjust---as long as you haven't had kids yet. Have you ever noticed that when you don't have sex for a long time, like a few weeks/months, that the next time to you have sex your pussy is very tight? The pussy is like balloon, and when it doesn't get stretched, it shrinks. This is the theorem you will apply in this instance. Stop having sex for a few days (for me, it takes just 5-10 days to shrink down to my pre-Norio size).

Don't have any interactions, don't masturbate, don't get eaten out...nothing. Just go cold turkey off sex for a while. While you are sex-fasting, practice doing your Kegels. These exercises will help to strengthen and tighten your pussy walls (recommended for all women; exercise your pussy muscles!). Your pussy should reform into a smaller size--and be quite stronger. See Kegels help you to clench and relax your PC muscles, which will help your pussy hold on tighter to his cock during coitus.

The longer you remain celibate, the tighter your pussy will become. I've gone for months without sex before, and when you start again, it won't matter what size the guy is, it will feel phenomenal. Of course, you can't do this all the time if you are in a long term relationship with this guy, but once you have done it once, your pussy shouldn't expand too much again unless you pop a baby out or have sex with another 9 incher.

Let me know if this helps. It's just a recommendation, but if all else fails and you still can't deal, you can either move on to another lover or get this one a penis pump;)

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