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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dealing with Office Drama

I'm at the point where I've put in time, years, etc... to my career. Besides
myself, there is only one other counselor in the office that has been around a while and is the senior counselor.

The problem I have is that the newest member of our team (hired from another institution) seems to be almost "too aggressive". From day one this female has been getting into people's business, asking an extreme amount of multiple questions both ork related and non, jumping in where it is not appropriate, trying to make decisions, insisting that certain things get done quick fast and in a hurry, asking about what deductions others are taking out of their pay, and leeching on to the other new folks who have no idea whats going on themselves. She also has taken almost every lunch with our exec director and tends to just be "too much". I back off when people are too much" because I feel as if you need to sit back and learn before you speak and jump in. I am uncomfortable with "new employees" coming in the door having no proven track record and automatically feeling as if they run the show. I especially feel annoyed because I am the only "seasoned" member of the team who knows whats going on, and my "director" is busy trying to be every one's friend and staying full of drama and letting everyone in on her business.

I have once again taken a back seat and just decided not to get too involved with these folks...sometimes when people get too comfortable with you the respect level lowers and you find yourself getting caught up in petty drama..

How else should I handle it?

You actually are doing the right thing. This new chick has a couple of issues, she is coming into a new situation where everyone knows each other. She is at the disadvantage here of familiarity so she's trying to overcompensate for her newness by her overt friendliness. She's trying to make people like her much too soon. Someone needs to tell her to tone it down. The gossip and her trying to get the scoop on everyone is her way of getting an edge on the situation. It's a stupid move on her part, because it will turn people off once they see that she's trying to manipulate them.

I would just stay out it, out of her line of 'friendliness' and don't give her any personal info. You will get to know her in time, but keep a firm boundary that you have established. I don't think your boss is going to fall for her machinations, even though she's being friendly. She probably is just trying to make the new girl comfortable. It sucks being the new person and not everyone deals with it right. Cut her some slack but still keep your distance.

Good luck.

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