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Monday, July 28, 2008


Wassup y'all! This is your favorite traveller! I officially have international stamps in my passport...WOOHOO! There was a story getting into the country of my vacation...I felt like I was getting seriously interrogated for no reason at all. I was flustered at the inquistion, especially since the few people in line before me got in easy as pie with absolutely no questions. In fact, I was kinda freaked out internally. here are the snarky comments that I wanted to say but bit my tongue!

"Who are you going to see? Your mama

"Where did you meet her?" Tramping on the red light district

"What was her major?" Human Sexuality

"Do you know anyone else here?" Yep..your papa

"Where is she supposed to meet you?" At the airport...duh!

"Do you have a job? What do you do?" None of your business

"When did you plan this trip?" Just yesterday, it was totally spur of the moment.


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