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Saturday, July 05, 2008

When Your Girlfriend Wants or Gets an Abortion

If your girlfriend wants or gets an abortion and she confides this to you, should you tell her baby daddy?

I've heard of men that get so upset when they find out that their girlfriend is expecting. Some men turn to her and curse, make a big scene and yell that she is ruining his life. Some guys panic instantly, their hearts start racing and palms sweating yet still manage to croak, "Anything you want to do babe," wishing that they were the one's that had to make the primary decision. While there are others that are just ecstatically happy to hear the news, leaping around and screaming happily from the rooftops, some men have the abortion clinic on speed dial or mapped out.

The reason I ask is that some girls go to the clinic without letting the baby daddy know. The reasoning is that she wants to get rid of the baby anyway, so why put him through the hassle? Another excuse might be that her relationship with him is rocky at best, and getting an abortion might just tip the boat. Maybe he's abusive or a jerk and she can't imagine having him in her life for the next 18 years. So she decides to take the plunge and asks you to help her.

Now we all know the routine of driving her to the least suspect looking clinic, holding her hand in the waiting room and filling out the paperwork. Some of us have even gone through paying the bills and answering questions from the nurse so that she doesn't have to deal with it. The question is when she comes back out into the waiting room, a somber gait to her step and tears in her eyes, what do you do next?

Which will weigh heavier on your heart when you look at her boyfriend a few hours or days later? Will you be consumed with guilt that you were an accessory to the suctioning of his future offspring, or will you be able to stoically face him knowing that he's better off now knowing?

Personally I strive never to come between a man and his woman. It's not my business what goes on in their relationship---my only concern is the happiness and wellbeing of my friend. However, I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a few moments of chagrin facing her boyfriend the next day.

The Girl Code expects that you keep your girlfriends' secret at all times, she is your friend and she comes first. However what if you are pro-life, religious, didn't agree with her choice, don't agree with the decision of never telling him or having such a guilty conscience and want to confess....what do you do?

I would love everyone's input on this, men and women alike.


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