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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The A-Z of Men

NML wrote this really great post last year that I totally missed reading until recently. It's the modern day woman's guide to men, going from A all the way to Z. Several of these I've had the *pleasure* of meeting---as I'm sure many of us have. The worst combo is when they have several of these traits all in one. This is one of the most absolutely brilliant posts that NML has written and I just had to share it with you. Please click HERE to read the full list and feel free to share with all your friends so they know the 26 types to stay away from.

A is for Mr Aggressive, the man that just can’t keep his temper or approaches everything as if it’s a battle. He fights dirty with the guys and he’ll fight dirty with you, so be careful of his insults, degradation and possible physical abuse that ‘you’ caused him to do because you ‘made’ him get angry.

B is for Mr Babyfather, the guy that just can’t stop making babies, often with several different women. An irresponsible fuckwit with a fear of rubber, don’t be one of those women that’s foolish enough to believe that with you he can be different.

C is for Mr Control Freak, the guy who thinks that he knows best. Any attempts to resist his controlling and you’ll be accused of being ungrateful. Next thing you know, you have no friends or different friends, you don’t see your family, don’t leave the house, have changed your appearance and become a simpering shadow of your former self. He’s extremely dangerous and to be avoided, especially if he combines his behaviour with Mr Aggressive traits.

D is for Mr Drunk, Drugged, or Disorderly, the man who initially seems sexy and exciting when he’s drunk, high as a kite or a mixture of the two and trouble making, but soon becomes tedious like Mr Irresponsible (below). Pete Doherty may be good enough for Kate Moss, but this is definitely one trend that you shouldn’t follow. Remember that D is also for dipsticks…

E is for Mr Egotistical, the man whose body is made of 25% water and the remainder an inflated ego. He talks incessantly about himself and he may suffer from Short Man Syndrome, Small Penis Syndrome, Lots of Money and Not Much Else Syndrome, Big Dick and Not Much Else Syndrome etc, and compensates for these by being loud, rude, full of sh*t, or flashing a fast car or his money.

F is for Mr Fraudulent F*cker, the guy that uses his charms to disarm you or deceive you. He’s good at getting the knickers down, convincing you that the girl who says that they’re seeing each other is a psycho, cheating and getting away with it, or causing you to end up parting with your worldly goods. Don’t be surprised if he is a criminal and never leave your handbag unattended. Also known as a playa or Mr Hustler (see below)

Read the rest HERE.

So lets play a little game. Scan through the list and pick the ones that best represent your last three exes. See if there is a pattern emerging that you can break and stop messing with the wrong types of men.

Ex 1: Mr. Persistent, Mr Grand Gestures and Mr. Mother Lover, Mr. X-Rated
Ex 2: Mr. Yo Yo, Mr. Unvailable,
Ex 2: Mr Control Freak, Mr. Worthless, Mr. Mother Lover, Mr. Oh No You Didn't, Mr Aggressive, Mr. Irresponsible.

Hmmm, no pattern. So pretty much I just dabbled in all kinds of murky waters.

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