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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Standing by Your Man When He Is Wrong

How do you show your love and support for your significant other when you know he's doing something totally wrong, making a foolish decision or acting immature?

My mom had this down to a science. She wouldn't involve herself in the scene, but moments later would take my dad in private and have a talk with him. This talk would be in a neutral tone, one that gave him a better insight to the fact the he was being a total dick and tips and advice how to improve the situation. (I'm sure she never called him a dick either)

It's hard in the heat of the moment to do this though. Some guys think that loyalty and respect means blindly following wherever they lead. However being that they can be bullheaded and stubborn also means that they can be wrong. It's easy when you are caught up in an argument or situation to take sides that advocate the better outcome for your beloved, but when feelings get in the way it turns into a situation that is less about the issue and more about your trust for each other.

Guys want a 'ride or die' chick. The Bonnie to their Clyde. As fictional as this may seem, for some reason, they actually believe that they want a woman that will stupidly stroke their ego when they are acting stupid and will follow wherever they lead.

Okay, whatever. I love Norio with all my heart but I wouldn't stupidly endanger him or my family in an irrational decision like throwing everything away in a Bonnie moment. Someone has to be the rational party, the logical thinker, the one that picks up the pieces. I would be the woman that holds down the fort while Clyde is serving years in the Penitentiary and then come take him home.

The worse thing to them is feeling that when the whole world is against them, and so is their girl. At the same time, it's hard for us to show blind loyalty when it's obvious that he's making a wrong decision. It's called Women's Intuition for crying out loud, and it's there for a reason! I guess taking him aside is the best solution, but what if you are in the heat of the moment and there is no time to side bar?

What do you do then?

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