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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Three years ago to this date, I had come from dinner with my girlfriends. We talked about alot of things that evening, but the main theme was dating, relationships and men. My sister called me telling me that her first date ever was on Saturday and she asked me a whole bunch of questions. I got home, started thinking and decided to put my thoughts, ideas and experiences about dating, men and relationships all down in one place. And the Bad Girls Guide was born.

I'd like to thank all my readers, all the haters, and especially my darling commenters who have kept up with the changes, growth and experiences on this blog. Thanks to everyone that helped me with the html, surveys and figuring out this blogging thing. Thanks for the encouragement, participation and questions that have allowed this blog to grow into more than just a lone soul blogging online but a community of women learning, sharing and talking with each other.

I know that personally I've gone through alot of challenges in the three years as we all have, but thanks to everyone that has stuck through all of them and those wonderful women that we've picked up along the way. I've found really good friends, bloggettes and women that I'm proud to call sisters.

Happy Birthday to the Bad Girls' Guide. Now I present the very first post.


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