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Friday, May 09, 2008

When the Media Lies About Your Blog

We all know that the media is so slanted nowadays in their opinions of people, places and events. It's never quite hit home to me, how one person's lies can really jeopardize the very foundation of a blog until I zipped over to NML's blog and found out that the Daily Mail had sensationalized and twisted up alot of the facts about her blog. Read the full scoop on what happened here.

Having known NML in the blogosphere for almost 5 years now, worked with her on Baggage Reclaim, read avidly her other blogs like Bambino Goodies and the Mr. Unavailable Guide, it's such a surprise to see the depths that the reporter took the story of her blog. It's not like she was the Breakup Babe, who was chronicling the events of her breakup online---no! NML rarely talked about her relationships on her blog. So why is she being set up as the stage blog for "E-venge"? You would think that the 'interviewer' and I use this term loosely because barely any interviewing was done, would have stuck to the facts, the facts make a good story as is. Grrrrr!

The Daily Mail sucks! Instead of issuing an apology, they shut down the comments section of the article online so that noone else could point out how foolish and inaccurate the article was. As if!!!

Please go over to Tired of Men to show some love and support for a sista that getting all kinds of dirt thrown on her over someone else's foolishness. And for those of you getting interviewed in the future, please be careful what you say and don't trust those 'journalists'. You have to look out for yourself.

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