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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Cheating Detective

I was reading an old article of Cosmopolitan about a woman that's carved a business out of being a cheating detective. She's like a private eye with a twist! For about three to five grand, she will consult with you about your man, learn his hangouts and type of chicks he likes, and then set up a sting operation to catch him cheating. The level of cheating depends on you and how much you are willing to front, with some women going up to $10,000 asking her to set up their men in all kinds of situations.

She's totally anonymous, never sleeps with the guys, uses a fake phone, fake email and has a staff that helps her to set things up. She will dress up, go out and flirt with your guy, catch his attention, get his number and then start calling/texting him until he asks her out all the while recording everything for your viewing pleasure.

The more I read the article, the more flabbergasted I became. Why in the world would one spend so much money on finding out if her guy is a cheat? Honestly hun, you could learn all that for far less money than hiring some expensive decoy. And what would drive a woman to make that her occupation? Sure it's all business and stuff, but how can you live a life that every date, every pseudo relationship is a constant lie?

This just proves to me that there are truly stupid people in the world and a sucker born every minute. Instead of spending thousands of dollars finding out if he's a cheat, just listen to your sixth sense, and follow the clues under your nose. Duh! Most of the time if you do suspect something, you are probably right and you can find things out of your own. Use the money instead on a fabulous vacation to get over your broken heart like a trip to some exotic island or Europe.

Oh, and the cheating detective says that 90% of the time, the man takes the bait and gets caught cheating with her. Suckers.

What do you think?


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