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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review: The Tudors

Not being a great lover of that particular period in history, when asked to review the Tudors, I was only going to pop in the first episode of this show for the review, but was caught from the first scene, spending the remainder of my Saturday riveted on the screen.
The story is that of Henry the 8th, but a side of him that was never before seen, rendering the epic story of the rise and domain of his rule in a beautiful and captivating tapestry. The costumes are quite authentic, and the beautiful setting and aura surrounding the court do much to add to the full elements of it's protrayal.
It has something for the guys too....lots of sex! This is like watching a soft porn---almost every episode had some freaky deaky going on.The court is really full of lovers. It seemed like everyone was doing it, from the King to the priest and the butcher...everyone was getting it on. The lasciviousness is enough to make one blush! I was sooooo ready for some good loving after watching all the episodes through.
The story is woven in such a dramatic way that you are immediately drawn to each of the characters and understand their motivation. I don't want to give it away but if you haven't seen the Tudors, check it out just to get what all the hype is about. Lots of eye candy, lots of sex and the plot is as thick as a forest. You grow to love Queen Catherine but still root for Anne Boelyn--that's how gripping it is.
The epic, critically-acclaimed series that proves it’s good to be the king prepares to reign when THE TUDORS The Complete First Season debuts on DVD January 1, 2008 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (M:i:III) as a young King Henry VIII, the Emmy® Award-winning series portrays the monarch as never before—a fierce warrior, impetuous lover, impassioned leader and rebellious youth. Young and sexy, Henry became the most powerful man in the world at the age of 19. THE TUDORS daringly reveals the early years of the man who changed the course of history through his legendary passion and scandalous affairs with an opulent visual feast that brings to life one of the most decadent and tumultuous times in history. THE TUDORS The Complete First Season four-disc set includes all 10 scintillating episodes plus a behind-the-scenes look at the Emmy-winning wardrobe, the series’ lush production and favorite locations in contemporary London, as well as free episodes of the Showtime series “Californication”, “This American Life” and “Penn & Teller B.S.!” and a free digital download of “Californication”. The DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $42.99. SynopsisTHE TUDORS presents the rarely dramatized, tumultuous early years of King Henry VIII’s nearly 40 year, omnipotent reign (1509-1547). In addition to his famous female consorts, 20+ years of marriage to Catherine of Aragon and infamous dalliance with Anne Boleyn, the series delves into Henry’s most notable political relationship and the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in England.
The show returns to Showtime in March, so that way you can catch up on season one before season two brings in the heat!


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