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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cheating in Marriage

The Mistress has a very interesting discussion in her blog about cheating and infidelity in marriage. The question asked men/women go into marriage having in their heads an 'out' clause that they might cheat in the future? Do they intend to eventually cheat, casting all the most sacred vows of marriage aside?

Recent studies reveal that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship. That means about 50% of couples are able to rationalize, justify or excuse cheating on their significant other, look them in the face, lie about it, sneak around and have sex with someone else. FIFTY PERCENT!

The reasons are sundry...and Mistress eloquently slashes every single excuse for cheating to shreds.

I’m sure I’ll snap out of this when I get married in 4-6 years (not a moment sooner dammit) but at this point, I can definitely admit that I’m incredibly idealistic when it comes to marriage. Marriage is SO SERIOUS! It’s the biggest commitment EVER outside of having a child (and we all know I want no part of that). Bottom line, I hold the institution in high regard.

I’d rather DIE than cheat on my husband (the one I don’t have yet), I think my relationship with him should come first no matter what, and I’m sure as hell not going to file for divorce the second he pisses me off. We are going to work on that shit TO DEATH before I submit to a divorce. That is a last fucking resort!

Is this a waning view or what? Why is the divorce rate so high? What the fuck is wrong with people? No one cares about commitments or fidelity anymore. I have countless friends whose marriages have suffered from infidelity....

It's a worthwhile read and thought provoking in the least. Feel free to join in the discussion there as well. Read the full post HERE.

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