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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Sugar Spoon

On the Elexa Sexy Smart blog, Kellie wrote an interesting review for a new sex toy called the Sugar Spoon. Has anyone used this before? What do you think?
Picture this: the Sugar Spoon has duel rotation capability, meaning that the outer labia stimulator is set to a different track than the spoon, which gets inserted, therefore, you could set the outer affect to a fast pace while the inner affect goes very slowly. I’m talking about more than 300 different speed and rotation combinations! Its got a spiral shaft with a tip that is actually shaped like a spoon, so when its turned on, it moves not just in a swirl, but it scoops too. Party at your G-spot! There is also the obligatory clitoris stimulator, which to my relief, isn’t shaped anything like a dolphin or elephant or rabbit. And of course its waterproof, making bath time lots of fun.
Sounds like someone is trying to take the Dolphin thing to a whole new level. I haven't tried it, but would like to know if anyone else has. Read the full review HERE.

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