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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eye Candy

Everyone is used to a certain level of eye candy. We are bombarded daily with images via the media, television, magazines and advertising of 'beautiful people'. We each have our own coterie of handsome/beautiful men and women in which we would drop everything for at a moment's notice.

With George Clooney the 'People's Sexiest Man of the Year' and everyone having idols from Beyonce to Angelina Jolie, how do you dissociate yourself from that when you are in a relationship?

Should you even want to?

Men are visual creatures, but then, so are women. In fact, it is human nature to look at what is termed 'beautiful'. We love to admire. We are all voyeuristic to a certain extent. Is it okay to admire celebrities from a distance while in a relationship, or is this some mild form of cheating?
If cheating begins from the mind first, and our thoughts lead to our actions, are we allowing these 'innocent' fantasies to lull us into thinking that it's okay to have another man on our mind instead of our sweetie? Isn't that where the first seeds of dishonesty begin?

Have you ever fantasized of another man instead of your lover, a celebrity or rock star, someone out of the 'normal' world you inhabit? Have you ever watched an actor on the movie screen and gotten warm just thinking about how utterly scrumptious he looks half naked? Does this constitute as cheating?

Where do we draw the line?

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